As New Delhi Counts the Dead, Questions Swirl About Police Response

Did the police fail to act as the country descended into its worst spasm of religious violence in years? Mr. Musharraf’s wife, Mallika, being consoled by their daughter Muskaan in New Delhi on Thursday. Photographs by Atul Loke. NEW DELHI — The mob smashed through the gate and cut the electricity. The men stormed up the steps, chanting the name of a Hindu god and brandishing knives, chains, iron bars and pieces of pipe. The Musharraf family, who are Muslim, locked themselves in a dark room. The breadwinner, a 30-something rickshaw driver, threw himself under the bed and curled up in a wooden box. But the mob of more than 25 men found him. “Please, I’m also your brother,’’ he pleaded and fold

Stop the Christian Genocide in Nigeria

Boko Haram has killed more than 27,000 civilians in Nigeria. This is greater than the number of civilians ISIS killed in Iraq and Syria combined. Children sheltered in an orphanage, Lagos, Nigeria. (Shutterstock) Just recently, we commemorated the fifth anniversary of the deaths of the 21 Coptic martyrs of Libya. These brave men refused to renounce their faith in Jesus Christ, even unto death. The world looked on in horror as the hooded Islamic State (ISIS) terrorists recorded their crime against humanity in a scarring message to the “nation of the cross.” The incident validated that the genocide ISIS was committing against Christians was not limited to Iraq and Syria. Boko Haram has killed

Syrian Children Freeze to Death. Bombs Rain Down. And ‘Nobody Cares.’

Ahmad Yassin Leila and his infant daughter Iman, who froze to death. The Syrian government’s assault on a rebel-held province has created one of the worst humanitarian emergencies of a brutal nine-year war. REYHANLI, Turkey — The baby wasn’t moving. Her body had gone hot, then cold. Her father rushed her to a hospital, going on foot when he could not find a car, but it was too late. At 18 months, Iman Leila had frozen to death. In the half-finished concrete shell that had been home since they ran for their lives across northwest Syria, the Leila family had spent three weeks enduring nighttime temperatures that barely rose above 20. “I dream about being warm,” Iman’s father, Ahmad Yassin Leil

Terrorism Threat in West Africa Soars as U.S. Weighs Troop Cuts

The Pentagon and the State Department are sending mixed messages about reducing America’s presence in a region bloodied by terrorist violence. Spanish Special Forces training Mauritanian soldiers during a counterterrorism exercise in Mauritania this month. Credit...Laetitia Vancon for The New York Times NOUAKCHOTT, Mauritania — The Trump administration is split over how to combat terrorists, support allies and thwart global competitors in West Africa. And the mixed messages out of Washington are confusing allies in Europe, who are deeply committed to security in Africa, as well as to military partners on the continent. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo just wrapped up a major trip to Africa, i

A Syrian offensive wreaks terror on children

Shams, 11, center, holds her brother in a cave near Idlib where she and her family found shelter after fleeing the Aleppo countryside about a month ago. (Emin Ozmen/Magnum Photos) IDLIB, Syria — The market bombing had driven Ahmed and his family from their town in southern Idlib province and onto the road, to join hundreds of thousands of other people searching for safety, the teen recalled. A Russian plane had circled overhead, and then the bombs fell, obliterating a car, its driver and other people who were passing by on motorcycles. The attack a few weeks ago was terrible but hardly the worst he had seen. Five years ago, an airstrike had killed dozens of people in the town square. Now, at

Delhi Erupts in Deadly Religious Riots

A local Hindu politician told the police to evict a group of Muslim protesters or he and his men would. Now, 25 have died in some of the worst violence in years. Delhi Fire Brigade personnel at the Gokulpuri tire market in East Delhi on Wednesday.Credit...Atul Loke for The New York Times NEW DELHI — To many in the eastern Delhi neighborhood where a convulsion of religious violence erupted this week, it all began with one man. Kapil Mishra, a local politician with India’s leading Hindu nationalist party, had just lost an election. Acquaintances in the area, which now feels like a war zone, said he had been looking for a way to bounce back. Mr. Mishra, 39, is known for his outspoken views and

India’s Muslims rush to collect documents after new law fuels anxiety over their citizenship status

A municipal office in Mumbai is filled with racks of musty electoral rolls going back decades. (Niha Masih/The Washington Post) MUMBAI — Inside a musty municipal office, Farah Sheikh pored through hundreds of pages of tattered 60-year-old documents searching for evidence of her family’s roots in India. India is the only country Sheikh has ever known: She was born and raised here, as were her parents, grandparents and great-grandparents. But she worries that one day soon, she will be asked to prove it. Ever since Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government passed a controversial citizenship law in December, many Indian Muslims have been in a state of heightened alert. The law has fueled anxiety

South Sudan warring sides 'deliberately starving' citizens: UN

Civilians denied access to aid by the country's warring parties, according to a new UN Human Rights Commission report. South Sudan officials diverted millions of dollars of state funds that are badly needed by civilians as the country staggers away from civil war, a United Nations commission said on Thursday. The commission also accused rival fighters of "deliberately starving" people for strategic gain. "Today in South Sudan, civilians are deliberately starved, systematically surveilled and silenced, arbitrarily arrested and detained and denied meaningful access to justice," the Commission on Human Rights in South Sudan said in a report. The bleak report comes two days before a crucial dead

Nigeria's New Wave of Atrocities Against Christians by the Islamic State in West Africa

In December 2019, news began to filter out of Nigeria that a Daesh affiliated terror group has been responsible for the brutal murder of several Christians. The new wave of killings does not come as a surprise. Nigeria has been haunted by such acts of violence against Christians for many years. The spike in atrocities perpetrated by a Daesh affiliated group, Islamic State in West Africa, adds to the terror unleashed by Boko Haram, a terror group that pledged allegiance to Daesh in the past, and massacres of Christians by Fulani militias. This should also not come as a surprise. The growing impunity in Nigeria is an open invitation for such atrocities to continue. This impunity must be addres

An Islamist Police State: Hifter's Libya

Khalifa Hifter, the military ruler of eastern Libya, is trying to take over the entire country. To see what that would look like, we paid a rare visit to the part he already controls. A billboard depicting Khalifa Hifter, the 76-year-old military commander known in Benghazi as “the Marshal.”Credit...Ivor Prickett By David D. Kirkpatrick Photographs by Ivor Prickett BENGHAZI, Libya — The field marshal stares from billboards into the wreckage of the Libyan city of Benghazi. His uniform is festooned with epaulets and honors, even as the civil war he is waging has stalled into a bloody stalemate. His plainclothes security agents loiter and listen in cafes and hotel lobbies. He has handed contro

Egypt: Resilient Resistance to Fierce Repression

Small groups of protesters gather in central Cairo shouting anti-government slogans in Cairo, Egypt September 21, 2019. © 2019 Reuters/Mohamed Abd El Ghany (Beirut) – Egyptian activists and ordinary people alike demonstrated resistance to brutal government repression during 2019, Human Rights Watch said today in its World Report 2020. Street protests in September challenged the near-absolute ban on freedom of assembly. Rights organizations and independent journalists continued to work despite the detention and prosecution of peaceful critics, as authorities equated all forms of opposition and criticism with terrorism. “President al-Sisi tightened his grip on power during 2019, but the year w

Sudan says it will hand Bashir to ICC

Omar al-Bashir of Sudan (CNN). Click on photo to view CNN video. A Cautious First Step – Sudan’s Agreement to Hand Bashir to the ICC Washington, DC- Darfur Women Action Group welcomes the Sudanese interim government’s announcement that they will hand over Omar al-Bashir and other wanted indictees to the International Criminal Court (ICC). The news broke yesterday from the Juba-South Sudan peace talks between the Sudanese interim government delegation and several armed opposition groups, many of whom are from Darfur. Mohamed Hassan al-Taishi, a member of Sudan’s sovereign council, was quoted stating that the interim government has agreed to turn over al-Bashir and three other wanted individu

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