Al-Shabab claims suicide attack outside Turkish base in Somalia

At least two civilians and attacker killed in the first attack targeting the military base in Mogadishu, officials say. A suicide bomber's explosives were detonated outside a Turkish military training base in Somalia's capital, Mogadishu, killing at least two people, police said on Tuesday. It was the first time the Turkish base in Mogadishu, Turkey's largest overseas military base, had been attacked by the al-Qaeda-linked rebel group al-Shabab. The Somalia-based group quickly claimed responsibility for the attack, according to Radio al-Furqan, one of the group's radio affiliates. Somali government spokesman Ismail Mukhtar told Anadolu news agency that security guards shot the bomber who was

Nigeria's president rebukes security chiefs over worsening violence

ABUJA (Reuters) - Nigeria’s president criticised his heads of security on Thursday for their handling of attacks across the north of the country and said more needs to be done to resolve the problem, the national security adviser said. The comments attributed to Muhammadu Buhari are some of his sharpest criticisms of his security chiefs as the conflict in the north has steadily worsened through most of his five years as president. Security forces in Nigeria, which plays a key role in maintaining stability in West Africa, have in recent months contended with deadly attacks by gunmen in the northwest and a spike in Islamist militants’ strikes in the northeast. “Mr. President has expressed grea

When the Soldiers Meant to Protect You Instead Come to Kill

Market day was in full swing when soldiers sped into the northern town of Taouremba, firing in the air, as their drone buzzed overhead. They herded the men into the central marketplace, residents said, letting the women run home. A soldier began reading names from a tablet computer, and those who were called forward were told to strip, then tied up with their own clothes and thrown into a pickup truck. When some men tried to hide in the crowd, two informants in hoods and veils pointed them out. One man was shot on the spot. Later, according to accounts from witnesses and human rights advocates, the bodies of the 13 abducted villagers were dumped just outside of town. Over the past four years

Somalia: At least seven killed in two bomb attacks

Attacks targeted towns of Wanlaweyn and Bacadweyn on Saturday and Sunday. At least seven people have died in two separate bomb attacks in Somalia in the last 24 hours, police and military officers said on Sunday. In the first incident, two bombs planted in front of the home of a military official in the town of Wanlaweyn, 90km (56 miles) northwest of the capital Mogadishu, exploded late on Saturday, killing four people, including soldiers and civilians. No group has claimed responsibility. Such attacks are common in Somalia, where armed group al-Shabab has been waging a 12-year campaign to topple the central government. "First we heard a blast at the house. Guards and residents came to find

Venezuela is committing crimes against humanity

Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro clenches his fist after he was sworn in, in Caracas, on March 8, 2013. Genocide Watch Alert: Venezuela June 2020 Genocide Watch is issuing a Genocide Alert for Venezuela. Political opponents of President Nicolás Maduro’s United Socialist Party are regularly being arrested and detained. More than 900 political prisoners are currently being held in Venezuela, according to Foro Penal, a non-profit human rights organization. This past year has seen the highest number of Venezuelan political prisoners in the past two decades. Maduro launched Operation Peoples’ Liberation to control political dissidents. He refers to his political opponents as “terrorists,” sayi

99th Anniversary of Tulsa massacre of hundreds of Black lives recalls thousands of Blacks lynched an

Photo courtesy of the Library of Congress By Brad Bennett Southern Poverty Law Center O.W. Gurley, a wealthy Black entrepreneur from Arkansas, moved to racially segregated Tulsa, Oklahoma, in 1906 and bought 40 acres of land. On it, he built three, two-story buildings and five homes for Black people who were not allowed to live on the white side of town. Soon, word spread across the country about opportunities for Black people in the segregated section of Tulsa, which Gurley named “Greenwood” after a town in Mississippi. Other prominent Black businesspeople followed suit. J.B. Stradford, who was born into slavery in Kentucky but later became a lawyer and activist, built a 55-room luxury hote

A Knock, Then Gone: Venezuela Secretly Detains Hundreds to Silence Critics

“Forced disappearances” are playing a critical role in the Venezuelan government’s efforts to muzzle opponents and instill fear, according to a new report. A new report documents the Venezuelan government’s use of forced disappearances, a tactic reminiscent of right-wing dictatorships that Venezuela’s leftist leaders have long denounced.Credit...Adriana Loureiro Fernandez for The New York Times A crush of Venezuelan government agents entered the home brandishing guns but not a warrant, and took Ariana Granadillo away. Over the next week, they confined, beat, interrogated and nearly suffocated her, then let her go as abruptly as they had taken her in. While her sister searched for her for day

Interreligious Council presents Report on Religious Freedom Abuses in Bosnia and Herzegovina

The constitutions of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) and each of the country’s two entities – the Federation of BiH (the Federation) and Republika Srpska (RS) – provide for freedom of religious thought and practice, prohibit religious discrimination, and allow registered religious organizations to operate freely. The Federation constitution declares religion to be “a vital national interest” of the constituent peoples, is stated in the US Department of State report. The RS constitution establishes the Serbian Orthodox Church (SOC) as “the Church of the Serb people and other people of Orthodox religion.” The BiH constitution reserves all positions in the Presidency and one of two houses of parli

South Sudan parties agree on state governorships, in step closer to peace

UBA (Reuters) - South Sudan’s President Salva Kiir and vice president Riek Machar have agreed on the process for nominating regional governors, a minister said on Wednesday, potentially eliminating a major stumbling block to a peace deal between them. South Sudan ended five years of civil war in 2018 but disagreements between Kiir and Machar, who led the opposing sides, have prevented the peace process from being concluded. Kiir’s party will nominate governors in six of the country’s 10 states, Machar’s will nominate three states and other South Sudan opposition parties the final one, Minister for Presidential Affairs Nhial Deng Nhial told a news conference. Machar had previously opposed tha

South Sudan - Inter-communal violence

Escalating inter-communal clashes in Central Equatoria, Jonglei, Lakes, Warrap and other parts of South Sudan are causing immense harm to civilians and risk hampering the delivery of humanitarian aid – all the more crucial given the current COVID-19 outbreak in the country. Although the fighting between the signatories of the peace agreement has significantly reduced as factions broadly respect the ceasefire, the scope and intensity of inter-communal violence has increased. Between January and May 2020, the UN Mission in South Sudan recorded 415 violent incidents between communities, up from 129 in 2018. At least 4 aid workers have lost their lives in the recent clashes. On 11 June, the High

Sudan finds mass grave believed to be linked to 1998 killings

Discovery was made at al-Eifalon military camp where conscripts used to get trained under former ruler Omar al-Bashir. Sudanese officials have announced the discovery of a mass grave southeast of the capital, Khartoum, suspected to contain the remains of conscripts who in 1998 tried escaping military service from a training camp. A committee tasked with investigating the killings at al-Eifalon military camp "found the mass grave in the past four days after hearing witness accounts", Tagelsir al-Hebr, public prosecutor, said on Monday without giving details on the number of bodies found. "The grave was exhumed and now the committee will continue to work with forensic authorities and examine t

20 soldiers, 40 civilians killed in attacks in Nigeria's Borno state

At least 20 soldiers and more than 40 civilians have been killed, and hundreds injured in twin attacks in northeast Nigeria's Borno state, residents and a civilian task force fighter said. The attacks on Saturday, in the Monguno and Nganzai areas, came just days after armed fighters killed at least 81 people in a raid on a village in a third area, Gubio. Two humanitarian workers and three residents told Reuters that fighters armed with heavy weaponry including rocket launchers arrived in Monguno, a hub for international non-governmental organisations, at roughly 11am (10:00 GMT). The fighters then overran government forces, taking some casualties but killing at least 20 soldiers and roaming

ŠTO TE NEMA 2020 Conversation Series: Fighting Genocide Denial and Preventing Atrocities in the Regi

Click here to watch the full event discussion. This conversation explores challenges still left, both in BiH as well as the region around genocide denial and how to address the past as well as prevent future atrocities. The contributors will introduce their work and the ways in which they challenge genocide denial in their day-to-day but also examine societal implications. With Hikmet Karčić [Genocide Scholar based in Sarajevo], Jelena Đureinović [Memory activism program coordinator at the Humanitarian Law Center], Gregory Stanton [Chairman & Founding President of Genocide Watch]. Moderated by Dženeta Karabegović [Regional Coordinator for ŠTO TE NEMA 2020; Researcher and Lecturer, University

Desperation grows as fighters blockade key Burkina Faso town

In mid-May, Ahmed Dicko, a well-known figure in Ouagadougou's business community, gathered with a group of volunteers, health workers and journalists outside the main football stadium in Burkina Faso's capital. They climbed boarded minibuses and four-wheel drives and joined a military-escorted convoy of trucks laden with food, before driving out of the city on the northerly road to Dicko's hometown, Djibo. Since at least February, Djibo, home to some 40,000 people in the country's violence-hit Soum province, has undergone a blockade by armed groups with possible links to the Islamic State West Africa Province (ISWAP) and Jama'at Nasr al-Islam wal Muslimin (JNIM). Along a 35km (22 miles) stre

India denies visas to US panel on religious freedom

Travel request for panel members turned down by New Delhi as US Congress releases new report on religious freedom. Indian Foreign Minister Jaishankar said India would not accept foreign interference or judgement on matters related to its sovereignty [File: Evgenia Novozhenina/Reuters] India has turned down a travel request for members of a US government panel seeking to review its religious freedom, saying foreign agencies had no standing to assess the constitutional rights of citizens. The visa snub to the US Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) on Wednesday came as the US Congress released its own religious freedom report while a top Trump administration official said he

Zoom admits cutting off activists' accounts in obedience to China

Meetings on Tiananmen Square massacre and Hong Kong crisis were taken down because Communist government complained. Hong Kong pro-democracy activist Lee Cheuk-Yan gives the ‘five demands, not one less’ hand sign. Zoom has admitted it disrupted activists’ meetings at the behest of the Chinese government. Photograph: Kin Cheung/AP Zoom has admitted it suspended the accounts of human rights activists at the behest of the Chinese government and suggested it will block any further meetings that Beijing complains are illegal. On Thursday the video conferencing platform was accused of disrupting or shutting down the accounts of three activists who held online events relating to the Tiananmen Square

Human Rights Watch urges Indonesia to free Papuan activists

A member of the Papuan Student Alliance (AMP) holds a Bintang Kejora (Morning Star) flag as he stands in front of dozens of police officers during a rally at the State Palace in Central Jakarta. (JP/Dhoni Setiawan) Human Rights Watch (HRW) has called on the Indonesian authorities to drop all charges and release seven Papuan activists and students accused of treason for their involvement in antiracism protests in Jayapura, Papua, in August 2019. HRW said in a statement on Thursday that the #BlackLivesMatter protests in the United States in recent years “have reverberated in Indonesia as Melanesian people, including ethnic Papuans and Moluccans, face racial discrimination from Indonesian autho

Time is running out for civilians in Africa's Sahel region as attacks multiply

UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency is alarmed over escalating violence in the Sahel region which has seen hundreds of innocent civilians targeted in recent weeks, triggered more displacement and is seriously hindering humanitarian activities. Attacks by armed groups and ensuing counter-security operations have led to more people fleeing their homes for security and put even more pressure on stretched host communities, already facing immense hardship from dealing with those displaced, often relatives from previous violence. The latest attack on the Binedama village in central Mali’s volatile Mopti region, on June 5, killed 26 civilians. Armed groups also targeted a refugee hosting area at Intikane

As Floating Propaganda Irks North Korea, the South Isn’t Happy Either

Activists are using balloons to send leaflets across the border denouncing Kim Jong-un. To keep the peace, South Korea wants to stop them. SEOUL, South Korea — The hydrogen balloons float over the world’s most heavily guarded border, unleashing their payloads in North Korea like snowflakes: propaganda leaflets calling Kim Jong-un, the North’s leader, a “devil” who will meet the same bloody end as Saddam Hussein of Iraq and Muammar el-Qaddafi of Libya. The plastic leaflets, millions of which have pierced the stranglehold of North Korean censorship over the years, recently drew an angry response from Pyongyang, threatening to upend the relatively cordial relations that the Koreas have maintain

U.S. court asked to force Facebook to release Myanmar officials' data for genocide case

AMSTERDAM (Reuters) - Lawyers bringing a case before the World Court accusing Myanmar of genocide against its Rohingya Muslim minority have asked a U.S. district court to order Facebook to release posts and communications of the country’s military and police. The International Court of Justice based in the Hague has agreed to hear a case accusing Myanmar of genocide against the Rohingya in violation of a 1948 convention. The U.N. court, commonly known as the World Court, accepts cases between states, and the case against Myanmar was brought by The Gambia with the backing of a group of Muslim countries. Hundreds of thousands of Muslims have fled a crackdown in mainly Buddhist Myanmar, which c

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