Genocide Watch Warning: Ethiopia

Ethnic divisions in Ethiopia date to the 1880s when the Abyssinian Empire invaded its southern neighbors, creating the boundaries of modern Ethiopia. European powers supported Emperor Menelik (1889 – 1913) with weapons, military advisors, and diplomatic recognition. Emperor Haile Selassie I (1916 – 1974) made Amharic the official language, though only 27 percent of Ethiopians are Amhara. Ethiopian Orthodox Christianity became the official religion. Eritrean Muslims fought for independence for decades. Eritrea finally seceded from Ethiopia in 1993, but war continued. Ogadeni Somali Muslims also seek secession. Oromos constitute one third of the population, but they held no political power un

Belarus cracks down on journalists, 2 AP staff deported

MOSCOW (AP) — Belarus, shaken by three weeks of massive protests against its authoritarian president, on Saturday cracked down hard on the news media, deporting some foreign journalists reporting in the country and revoking the accreditation of many Belarusian journalists. Two Moscow-based Associated Press journalists who were covering the recent protests in Belarus were deported to Russia on Saturday. In addition, the AP’s Belarusian journalists were told by the government that their press credentials had been revoked. “The Associated Press decries in the strongest terms this blatant attack on press freedom in Belarus. AP calls on the Belarusian government to reinstate the credentials of in

Iraqi Christians Criticize BBC's "Once Upon A Time in Iraq"

Promotional poster for a new documentary about Iraq produced for the BBC and PBS. (BBC/PBS/Frontline) A new five-hour documentary series on the social impact of the Iraq War made for the BBC and PBS has been roundly criticized for entirely ignoring the plight of Iraq’s persecuted Christians and other minorities. Chaldean Catholic Archbishop Bashar Warda said the documentary’s failure to discuss the plight of Iraq’s persecuted minorities ‘is tantamount to showing we do not matter and should have no voice.’ In an Aug. 20 open letter to the BBC, Chaldean Catholic Archbishop Bashar Warda of Erbil in northern Iraq said the airbrushing of any mention of the country’s minorities in the program, cal

ICON Launches "Hear Their Voices" & data report "Nigeria's Silent Slaughter:

Right now, women and children are suffering at the hands of Boko Haram terrorists and Fulani militants. Thanks to supporters like you, our new campaign is able to hear from these vulnerable people. We are excited to share stories and testimonies from these strong women and hopeful children - follow us Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and [https:/www.instagram/standwithnigeria/?blm_aid=9585665]Instagram. We couldn't do it without you! ICON Press Conference for "Nigeria's Silent Slaughter" At the end of July, ICON hosted a virtual press conference to launch her data report, titled "Nigeria's Silent Slaughter: Genocide in Nigeria" You have helped make a difference in your advocacy work for Nigeria! S

Trump administration weighs accusing China of ‘genocide’ over Uighurs

The move could dramatically escalate tensions with Beijing, which denies copious reporting on the maltreatment of its Muslim minority. The United States is weighing formally labeling China’s brutal repression of ethnic Muslim minority Uighurs a “genocide,” two Trump administration officials said. Activists and lawmakers have been pushing for the genocide designation in recent months, but mere consideration of the possibility by the U.S. government could further damage badly frayed ties between Beijing and Washington. It also comes in the heat of the 2020 presidential campaign, in which the two sides have jousted over which candidate would be tougher on China. A spokesperson for Joe Biden not

VIRTUAL EVENT TODAY: Lessons for Today from the Genocide Against the Tutsi in Rwanda with Professor

Last year marked the 25th anniversary of the Genocide Against the Tutsi in Rwanda. During one hundred days in 1994, Hutu extremists slaughtered over one million people, primarily Tutsi as well as Hutu and others who opposed the genocide. Learning from the Genocide against the Tutsi provides crucial insight into averting conflict and fostering more inclusive communities. The current era of deep political, racial, class, and gender divisions and ongoing atrocity crimes around the world compel such reflection. Professor Zachary D. Kaufman, an expert on genocide, will discuss ten lessons we should learn from Rwanda to prevent further bloodshed and build more representative societies. Zachary D.

Rwanda issues warrant for 1994 genocide suspect in France

Ex-top military official Aloys Ntiwiragabo is investigated in France over role in killing spree that left 800,000 dead. Rwanda has issued an international arrest warrant for former Rwandan spy chief, Aloys Ntiwiragabo, who is under investigation in France over his role in the African country's 1994 genocide. Prosecutor-general Aimable Havugiyaremye told reporters on Tuesday Rwandan authorities "have investigated his case" and "are working with the French unit in charge of combatting war crimes and crimes against humanity". France opened a probe into alleged crimes against humanity by the ex-military official after he was found in the suburbs of the city of Orleans, about 100km (62 miles) sou

Genocide and Justice: Dr. Stanton, Dr. Maung Zarni, Nay San Lwin and Natalie Brinham among 50 speake

On the third anniversary of the Myanmar armys' genocide that killed over ten thousand Rohingya and drove over 800,000 Rohingya over the border into Bangladesh, fifty anti-genocide activists, scholars, musicians, poets, artists and world leaders commemorated the 2017 genocide and forced displacement. Below are the texts of Dr. Stanton's speech for Genocide Watch and the speeches of Natalie Brinham, Doreen Chen, and Nay San Lwin of the Free Rohingya Coalition. Other speeches may be accessed at the website of the Free Rohingya Coalition. The entire commemoration may be viewed here: Dr. Stanton's presentation begins at 1:39.

Holidays Bans an Inadequate Response to Rohingya Genocide

Media Release From Burma Campaign UK For Immediate Release 24th August 2020 On the eve of the third anniversary of the military offensive against ethnic Rohingya in 2017, Burma Campaign UK called on the international community to implement the recommendations of the UN Fact-Finding Mission on Myanmar. Not one country in the world has implemented all of the UN Fact-Finding Mission recommendations. The USA and UK have banned Min Aung Hlaing, head of the military, from taking holidays in their country, but have not imposed sanctions to stop companies doing business with the military. The European Union hasn't even imposed a holiday ban. Instead, a small number of lower level military perso

Antiquities Coalition, Genocide Watch, and Blue Shield to submit Amicus brief in ICC Ntaganda appeal

The Antiquities Coalition, Blue Shield International, and Genocide Watch submitted a Request for Leave to Submit Amicus Curiae Observations to the International Criminal Court in the Appeal of The Prosecutor v. Bosco Ntaganda. The request was approved by the ICC. The Antiquities Coalition, Blue Shield International, and Genocide Watch Amicus Curiae brief will respond to dismissal by the ICC Trial Court in of the charges against Ntaganda for destruction of a church and a hospital in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The Court convicted Ntaganda of other charges, including war crimes and crimes against humanity. The brief will address the questions: How is ‘attack’ defined under internationa

Several dead in Ivory Coast over president's third-term bid

Four killed after clashes between protesters and police in the West African country after Alassane Ouattara's decision. At least four people have been killed in clashes in Ivory Coast as hundreds took to the streets following President Alassane Ouattara's decision to run for a third term this October. Three people were killed in the central town of Daoukro in clashes between Ouattara supporters and backers of rival candidate Henri Konan Bedie, a security source and witnesses said. On Thursday, an 18-year-old died in the southeastern town of Bonoua, 50km (30 miles) from the economic hub, Abidjan, in violence between demonstrators and security forces, said Mayor Jean-Paul Amethier. "The police

RDC : l’ONU s’inquiète de l’escalade des violences entre communautés dans le Sud-Kivu

Au moins 128 personnes, dont 21 femmes et sept enfants, ont été tuées lors de violents affrontements entre des groupes armés et les forces armées nationales ainsi que lors d'attaques contre les civils dans la région des Hauts Plateaux du Sud-Kivu, entre février 2019 et juin 2020, déplore le Bureau conjoint des Nations Unies aux droits de l’homme (BCNUDH) en République démocratique du Congo. La violence n’est ni une option viable, ni encore moins une solution pour résoudre les griefs qui peuvent exister entre les communautés », a déclaré la Représentante spéciale du Secrétaire général et cheffe de la Mission des Nations Unies en RDC (MONUSCO), Leila Zerrougui, en réaction à ces informations.

Petition: Save Congo's Banyamulenge minority

Banyamulenge civilians besieged and under attack in Minembwe, Bijombo and Mikenge in South Kivu. Special protection is now needed to save lives of these civilians. Under constant attack from several armed forces, including the national army, it seems MONUSCO UN forces are currently unable to protect the Banyamulenge from these killings. This situation has been the subject of a Genocide Warning, on the Genocide Watch website. A demand for urgent intervention for protection of the Banyamulenge community was communicated to the UN Secretary General (27th April 2020). Since 27 April the situation has become even more critical. Action is needed NOW. This present call comes from members of the Ba

Human rights leader killed in Philippine 'war against dissent'

Zara Alvarez is 13th member of her group to be killed since President Rodrigo Duterte came to power in 2016. A human rights leader has been killed in the central Philippines in what observers and rights defenders have said is a continuing escalation of the "war against dissent" under the administration of President Rodrigo Duterte. Zara Alvarez, former education director of the human rights alliance Karapatan, died on the spot after being shot six times on Monday evening as she was heading home after buying food for dinner. She was the 13th member of the organisation killed since mid-2016, when Duterte came to power, the group said. Police said Alvarez was killed by an unidentified assailant

Centrafrique: l'ONU sanctionne Sidiki Abass, leader du groupe armé 3R

Les Nations unies ajoute un nom sur leur liste des sanctions concernant la Centrafrique : celui de Bidi Sidi Souleman, alias Sidiki Abass, leader du groupe armé 3R. Le groupe armé 3R a tué, torturé, violé et déplacé des civils. Il s’est livré au trafic d’armes, à des activités de taxation illégales et s’est engagé dans une guerre avec d’autres milices, détaille le comité de sanctions. Sidiki Abass a lui-même participé à des actes de torture, affirme la note des Nations unies, sans préciser de cas. Des exactions après le traité Malgré la signature de l'accord de paix en février 2019, le groupe armé a continué ses activités illicites ainsi que son expansion territoriale. Des éléments de ce gr

Massacre de civils en RDC: arrestations d’officiers de l’armée et de la police à Béni

Des hauts officiers de l’armée et de la police nationale congolaises sont visés par des enquêtes sur le massacre de la population en 2017 à Nganza dans le Kasaï central. Selon plusieurs ONG, environ 300 civils assimilés aux miliciens de Kamwina Nsapu avaient été tués. Vendredi, 7 officiers des Forces armées de la RDC (FARDC) et un haut officier de la police nationale congolaise ont été interpellés à ce sujet vendredi à Beni (Nord-Kivu). Ils sont soupçonnés d’être impliqués dans ces violences. De notre correspondant à Kinshasa, Patient Ligodi Christian Kongolo Kambale, commissaire provincial adjoint de la Police nationale congolaise en Ituri, était convoqué par la justice militaire à Beni pou

Côte d’Ivoire: vifs débats autour de la constitutionnalité de la candidature Ouattara

Dans son discours à la nation, jeudi 6 août, le président ivoirien a confirmé qu'il briguerait un troisième mandat. Lors de l'édition spéciale consacrée par RFI à cette annonce, les débats ont notamment porté sur la constitutionnalité de cette candidature. Extraits. Pour Adama Bictogo, le directeur exécutif du Rassemblement des houphouëtistes pour la démocratie et la paix (RHDP, le regroupement de la majorité présidentielle), la candidature du président à un troisième mandat ne pose aucun problème : « Nous avons une nouvelle Constitution qui a été adoptée en novembre 2016 et la loi ne dispose que pour l’avenir. Elle n’a d’effet rétroactif que si cela est dit et clairement indiqué. C’est d’ai

Ivory Coast President Alassane Ouattara to run for third term

Ouattara rejects claims by his opponents who say a two-term limit in the constitution bars him from running again. Ivory Coast President Alassane Ouattara has said he would seek re-election in October, formally accepting the governing party's nomination to be its candidate and defying opponents who say the constitution forbids a third term. Ouattara, who has governed since 2011, said in March he would not run again. But his preferred successor, then-Prime Minister Amadou Gon Coulibaly, died in July, leading the party to ask Ouattara to reconsider. The election is seen as the greatest test yet of the tenuous stability achieved since a brief civil war in 2010 and 2011 killed about 3,000 people

India: Police patrol parts of Bengaluru hit by deadly violence

At least three died in police firing during protest against a Facebook post that allegedly insulted Prophet Muhammad. Baton-wielding police have patrolled barricaded and deserted streets in parts of the southern Indian tech hub of Bengaluru, after three people were killed in Tuesday night clashes triggered by a Facebook post offensive to Muslims. A police official said an emergency law prohibiting gatherings had been imposed in Bengaluru, a city of 12 million people known as India's Silicon Valley. The violence began late on Tuesday, with mobs pelting stones, burning vehicles and setting a police station on fire, and lasted until the early hours of Wednesday. Dozens of people were wounded. "

UN discusses Kashmir for third time since India ended autonomy

The UN's most powerful body did not take any action or issue a statement after the virtual meeting behind closed doors. The UN Security Council discussed disputed Kashmir at Pakistan's request on Wednesday for the third time since India's Hindu nationalist government decided to end the Muslim-majority region's semi-autonomy a year ago. The United Nations's most powerful body did not take any action or issue a statement after the virtual meeting held behind closed doors. Nonetheless, Pakistan's Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi said afterwards holding the meeting signified "that Jammu and Kashmir is an international dispute firmly on the agenda of the Security Council and has nullified, y

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