Exclusive: China sharply expands mass labor program in Tibet

BEIJING (Reuters) - China is pushing growing numbers of Tibetan rural laborers off the land and into recently built military-style training centers where they are turned into factory workers, mirroring a program in the western Xinjiang region that rights groups have branded coercive labor. Beijing has set quotas for the mass transfer of rural laborers within Tibet and to other parts of China, according to over a hundred state media reports, policy documents from government bureaus in Tibet and procurement requests released between 2016-2020 and reviewed by Reuters. The quota effort marks a rapid expansion of an initiative designed to provide loyal workers for Chinese industry. A notice poste

Xinjiang government confirms huge birth rate drop but denies forced sterilization of women

Hong Kong (CNN) Chinese officials have officially acknowledged birth rates in Xinjiang dropped by almost a third in 2018, compared to the previous year, in a letter to CNN in which they also denied reports of forced sterilization and genocide by authorities in the far western region. The Xinjiang government sent CNN the six-page fax in response to questions for an article published in July that documented a campaign of abuse and control by Beijing targeting women from the Uyghur minority, a Muslim ethnic group numbering more than 10 million people. The fax didn't arrive until September 1, a month after the story was published. These aren't the first accusations of widespread human rights abu

Explained: Pakistan's emotive blasphemy laws

In recent years, a record number of cases have been filed under blasphemy law introduced during British colonial rule. Rallies supporting blasphemy laws and protesting related acquittals are common in Pakistan [File: Reuters] Islamabad, Pakistan - Bishop John Joseph, 65, one of Pakistan’s most prominent human rights activists, had been campaigning for decades to reform the country's strict blasphemy laws. On the morning of May 6, 1998, he led a procession to the steps of the court in the central Pakistani town of Sahiwal, where a young man, Ayub Masih, had been convicted and sentenced to death for blasphemy days earlier. Masih, an illiterate man, had been accused of quoting from Salman Rushd

Genocide Warning issued for Belarus

Genocide Watch is issuing a Genocide Warning for Belarus. Since 2006, opposition leaders and protesters have been violently suppressed for challenging Lukashenko's regime. After another rigged election on August 9, 2020, over 200,000 Belarusians participated in mass protests and strikes across the country calling for Lukashenko's resignation. The police have beaten and arrested protesters using clubs and rubber bullets. The Byelorussian Soviet Socialist Republic (Byelorussian SSR) was a founding member of the Soviet Union. After Nazi Germany invaded the Soviet Union in 1941, hundreds of cities and villages in Byelorussian SSR were destroyed, and the capital, Minsk, was left in ruins. Over 2

Genocide Emergency: South Sudan

Before 2005, South Sudan was the victim of a twenty-year genocide by the Sudanese army and Arab militias that took over two million lives. The 2005 “Comprehensive Peace Agreement” provided a path to independence, but it was not comprehensive at all, since it ignored the raging Sudanese genocides in Darfur, the Nuba mountains, Blue Nile, and South Kordofan. The 2005 agreement also left the status of the oil rich Abyei region at the Sudan-South Sudan border to be settled by a referendum. Before a vote could be held, the Sudanese army invaded Abyei. 100,000 of Abyei’s Dinka residents were violently driven out. Abyei’s oil resources were seized and depleted. South Sudan is still rich in oil, but

Lebanon: Lethal Force Used Against Protesters

Attacks on Fleeing Demonstrators, Health Workers, Media Update: The Internal Security Forces (ISF) responded to Human Rights Watch's letter on September 14. They denied that their members used live ammunition, rubber bullets, or metal pellets during the August 8 protest in downtown Beirut, but said that the Parliament Security Force, comprising Parliament Police and an army company, did use these weapons. They army has not yet responded to Human Rights Watch's letter, and the Parliament Police declined to comment. (Beirut) – Lebanese security forces used excessive and at times lethal force against mostly peaceful protesters in downtown Beirut on August 8, 2020, causing hundreds of injuries.

South Africa: Widespread Xenophobic Violence

Implement National Action Plan; Hold Attackers Responsible A resident of Johannesburg’s Katlehong township runs while smoke arises from the shackles on September 5, 2019 as South Africa’s financial capital is hit by a new wave of anti-foreigner violence. © 2019 Michele Spatari/AFP via Getty Images (Johannesburg) – Xenophobic harassment and violence against African and Asian foreigners living in South Africa are routine and sometimes lethal, Human Rights Watch said in a report, video, and Witness article released today. Despite the March 2019 adoption of a government action plan to combat xenophobia, the government has done very little to ensure that attacks by members of the public, the poli

'Quite frankly terrifying': How the QAnon conspiracy theory is taking root in the UK

It began in the US with lurid claims and a hatred of the ‘deep state’. Now it’s growing in the UK, spilling over into anti-vaccine and 5G protests, fuelled by online misinformation. Jamie Doward examines the rise of a rightwing cult movement. He was desperate and scared and pleading for advice. “It’s integrating itself into soft rightwing timelines and I believe it’s starting to radicalise many. Seeing my mum and nan fall for it unaware is so troubling. I’ve seen it all over Facebook and these people genuinely believe they’re revealing the truth.” It is QAnon, the unfounded conspiracy theory that has gone through countless, bewildering versions since it emerged in the US in 2017 and is now s

Tune Into a Virtual Screening of "The Killing Fields of Dr. Haing S. Ngor" This Week

CAMBODIA TOWN FILM FESTIVAL presents The Killing Fields of Dr. Haing S. Ngor Produced and directed by ARTHUR DONG Free virtual screenings worldwide: September 16-20, 2020 The Killing Fields of Dr. Haing S. Ngor returns for encore screenings at the Cambodia Town Film Festival. Showcasing the best in Cambodian cinema from around the world, this year's festival is a free virtual forum, including films and special events. Filmmaker Arthur Dong will be a featured panelist for Stories We Didn't Learn in School, steaming September 20, 6:30pm PST. ORDER FILM TICKETS The Killing Fields of Dr. Haing S. Ngor chronicles the life, times and murder of Dr. Ngor, who remains the only Asian male to have won

Killing in the name of God in Pakistan

State-backed sectarian violence is on the rise in Pakistan as authorities cosset and back hellbent Islamic Sunni radicals [Supporters of hardline Islamist party Tehreek-e-Labbaik Pakistan carry shout slogans during a protest against the reprinting cartoon of the Prophet Mohammad by French magazine Charlie Hebdo, in Karachi on September 4, 2020. - Photo: AFP/Asif Hassan] PESHAWAR- Pakistan is reeling under a new surge of sectarian violence targeting Shiite and other religious minorities across the country, threatening new rounds of instability in the Muslim majority nation. The rising trend is being fueled in part by state organs and authorities who cosset and align with radicals bent on viol

Dalits bear brunt of India's 'endemic' sexual violence crisis

Girls in Uttar Pradesh targeted in assaults aiming to reinforce caste and gender hierarchies, say activists Activists protest in New Delhi after a series of rape cases in 2018 but India remains the most unsafe country for women in the world. Photograph: Sajjad Hussain/AFP via Getty Images A spate of brutal rapes and murders of young girls in a single district of India over the past month has provoked outrage and exposed the ongoing use of sexual violence as a tool of oppression and revenge against lower caste communities. Over the past month, the Lakhimpur Kheri district of the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh has witnessed four incidents of girls being raped and brutally murdered. At least two

The Greek Genocide of 1914-1923

The Greek Genocide (or Ottoman Greek Genocide) refers to the systematic extermination of the native Greek subjects of the Ottoman Empire before, during and after World War I (1914-1923). It was instigated by two successive governments of the Ottoman Empire; i.e. the Committee of Union and Progress (CUP) party, and the Turkish Nationalist Movement of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk. It included massacres, forced deportations and death marches, summary expulsions, boycotts, rape, forced conversion to Islam, conscription into labor battalions, arbitrary executions, and destruction of Christian Orthodox cultural, historical and religious monuments. According to various sources, approximately 1 million Ott

Pakistan: Hardline Sunni groups on collision course with Shiites

Rights groups in Pakistan say they are alarmed over rising blasphemy cases in the past months. Many of these cases have been registered against Shiites, who have come under pressure from fundamentalist Sunni outfits. Pakistani police registered at least 40 blasphemy cases in August, according to the country's human rights groups. The South Asian country's independent Human Rights Commission said most of these cases were filed against Shiite Muslims in relation to speeches made at religious processions. On Friday, hardline Sunni groups organized a large-scale rally against Shiites in the country's financial hub, Karachi. Thousands of people participated in the demonstration and chanted anti-S

El Salvador: Conviction of one of those responsible for the murder of Jesuit priests must break the

In response to the National Court of Spain convicting the former Salvadoran colonel and former defence minister Inocente Montano for the murder of five Jesuit priests in 1989, Erika Guevara-Rosas, Americas director at Amnesty International, said: “This historic ruling is an important step in the search for justice that, for decades, has been denied to the victims of the armed conflict in El Salvador. But it also reminds us of the enormous debt that Salvadoran authorities owe in guaranteeing truth, justice and reparation. It's unacceptable that in El Salvador, almost 30 years after the signing of the Peace Accords, those responsible for crimes committed during the armed conflict are still all

QAnon is a Nazi Cult, Rebranded

A secret cabal is taking over the world. They kidnap children, slaughter, and eat them to gain power from their blood. They control high positions in government, banks, international finance, the news media, and the church. They want to disarm the police. They promote homosexuality and pedophilia. They plan to mongrelize the white race so it will lose its essential power. Does this conspiracy theory sound familiar? It is. The same narrative has been repackaged by QAnon. I have studied and worked to prevent genocide for forty years. Genocide Watch and the Alliance Against Genocide, the first international anti-genocide coalition, see such hate-filled conspiracy theories as early warning signs

Belarus police detain 250 protesters in Minsk as crowds swell

Demonstrators hit the streets of the capital before talks between Alexander Lukashenko and Russia's Vladimir Putin. Belarus police violently detained hundreds of protesters as tens of thousands demonstrated in the capital Minsk in advance of talks between strongman Alexander Lukashenko and Russian President Vladimir Putin. Masked policemen in uniform and plain clothes seized people who gathered for the "March of Heroes" demonstration on Sunday, pushing or punching them, video posted on the Belarusian news site Tut.by showed. Oktyabrskaya Square in central Minsk was fenced off with barbed wire with armed law enforcement forces seen behind it. Independence Square was also sealed off. Demonstra

The civil war is threatening an ancient way of life in Syria

The Syrian Bedouin community has been displaced and has lost much of its livelihood due to the conflict. Syrian Bedouins roast coffee beans in a camp during a gathering near the town of Hamouria, in the eastern Ghouta region, near the capital Damascus on February 8, 2017 [File: AFP/Amer Almohibany] For centuries, Bedouin tribes moved around the vast semi-arid steppe land in Syria, searching for water and pasture for their herds of camels, sheep, and goats. This ecologically sustainable mobility and way of life indelibly contributed to the rich cultural heritage of the country. About 100 years ago, first under the French mandate and later the new nation-state, a series of policies were implem

Ivory Coast on edge as high-stakes election looms

Tensions running high in lead-up to October polls, seen as major test of stability in world's top cocoa producer. Ivory Coast's October election was always likely to be tense - but President Alassane Ouattara's decision last month to seek a controversial third term has dramatically raised the stakes. After all, it was only on March 5 that Ouattara announced he would not stand for re-election, even as he insisted that constitutional amendments introduced in 2016 allowed him to run again. Pledging to "pass on the torch to a new generation", the 78-year-old a week later told a gathering of the governing RDHP party they "will be in good hands" as he backed Prime Minister Amadou Gon Coulibaly for

Pakistani Christian sentenced to death for 'blasphemous texts'

Asif Pervaiz, 37, who has been in custody since 2013, given death penalty for sending 'blasphemous' text messages. In July, a man accused of blasphemy was shot dead in a courtroom in the northwestern city of Peshawar [Muhammad Sajjad/AP Photo] Islamabad, Pakistan - A court in the eastern Pakistani city of Lahore has sentenced a Christian man to death for having committed "blasphemy", his lawyer says, in the latest case of Pakistan's strict religious laws being applied against minorities. Asif Pervaiz, 37, has been in custody since 2013 when he was accused of having sent "blasphemous" text messages to a former supervisor at work, lawyer Saif-ul-Malook told Al Jazeera. The court rejected his t

Timestream: Bosco Ntaganda's War Crimes

Genocide Watch has published its third Timestream covering the case of Bosco Ntaganda's war crimes and crimes against humanity in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). The timeline highlights Ntaganda's background, mainly focusing on the human rights violations he committed up until his voluntary surrender to the International Criminal Court (ICC) in 2013. View the full Timestream on our page here.

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