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​Genocide Watch, Inc., the world’s first anti-genocide NGO, and the founder and Chair of the Alliance Against Genocide, offers unpaid internship positions for current students and recent graduates every Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall. Genocide Watch is offering virtual internships for the summer of 2020 until the lifting of COVID-19 restrictions allow colleges and universities to re-open.


The and archive is the deepest in the field and received over 70 million hits from 2000 through 2016. It is relied on by genocide scholars and activists around the world. Since 2016, Genocide Watch has used its current website, to better connect website users to Genocide Watch’s social media platforms, including Facebook and Twitter. ​Our Alliance Against Genocide page is a connector for over seventy organizations that belong to the Alliance Against Genocide, the first and largest alliance of anti-genocide organizations in the world.


While educational institutions and government institutions are closed due to the Covid-19 lockdown, interns will work virtually, from wherever they live.

When Genocide Watch is able to physically re-open, interns in Washington, DC will attend meetings in Washington, DC with other NGOs and government officials. They will also attend programs at the U.S. Institute of Peace​, Woodrow Wilson Center​ and other Washington, DC think tanks.

Genocide Watch interns and volunteers will be supervised by the Genocide Watch management team, which consists of three former Genocide Watch interns now working for a law firm, public health company, and cybersecurity software firm, and by Prof. Gregory Stanton.

Genocide Watch offers the following virtual internships:

1. Legal Associate (2)

2. Webmaster and Early Warning Analysts (4)

​3. ​Alliance Against Genocide and Communications Coordinator (2)

4. Educational Research and Timestream Creators (4) 


Internship schedule:

Genocide Watch is open four days a week, Mondays through Thursdays, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. During the summer of 2020, internships and volunteer positions will be virtual and interns can work at a freer schedule, keeping records of their hours with a time-keeping program.  Interns and volunteers will meet weekly at an agreed time with their managers. 


During the school year, internships have hours and start dates depending on the intern’s internship program and course schedule. The Winter term internship is intended to fill the period from the end of the Fall semester to the beginning of the Spring semester, from mid-December to the third or fourth week of January, with a break for the week of Christmas and New Years.


Application deadlines:

           ○ Fall (September 2020– November 2020): August 1, 2020​ ​

Winter (December 2020 - February 2021): November 1, 2020

Spring (March 2021 – May 2021): ​February 1, 2021​

Summer (June 1, 2021 – Aug 2021): ​May 1, 2021

Application Instructions:

To apply, please submit the following by the deadline for the term for which you are applying:

  1. Cover letter

  2. Short writing sample (2-3 pages – an excerpt from a longer paper is fine)

  3. Resumé, including foreign language skills

  4. Transcripts (may be unofficial)

  5. 2 professional or academic references


Applications should be emailed to Dr. Gregory Stanton at ,and to In your subject line please put your name as well as “Webmaster and Early Warning Analyst ” or “​Legal Associate” ​or “Alliance Against Genocide Coordinator” ​or "Education and Timestream Creator" or simply “Internship” if you are interested in ​any open internship.

Questions may be directed to

Interns are selected based on language and computer skills, work experience, academic performance and enthusiasm for promoting Genocide Watch’s mission. Interns may apply for one of the accredited internship programs that give academic credit for their work, or Genocide Watch will cooperate with colleges, universities, or professional schools for graded academic credit. Genocide Watch will contact applicants to schedule interviews, if possible by Skype, Zoom, or Google Hangouts.


 1. Legal Associate (2)

Genocide Watch has been asked to organize an effort in Nigeria to prove that the massacres of Christians by Boko Haram and Fulani jihadists constitute genocide. The Legal Associates will assist Professor Stanton in organizing these efforts.



○Contact persons working on the project, develop ​relationships with other organizations working on the project, and maintain ​a network for communications among them.

○Draft plans, proposals and working papers for the project.

○Work with members of the project Working Group on investigation and mapping projects.

○Set up meetings for the participants, facilitate their contacts with the US government, churches, NGO's, and Nigerian officials. 

○Legal Associates may draft legal documents for agreements with the US and Nigerian governments and churches and NGO's. 



○ ​Ideally a law student, preferably in the second or third year, or ​a law graduate or a student in a program for the LLM. If you are applying for the Legal Associate position, please ​include any legal training or experience that you may have in your application resumé and letter.​

○ Ability to work independently and take initiative.

○ Excellent legal research and writing skill.

○ Practice with Bluebook legal citations.

○ Excellent attention to detail and organizational skill.

○ Efficient work ethic.


Credit for the internship can be arranged with the intern’s law school. Candidates who have finished law school and have interned with an international tribunal should highlight those facts in their applications. Law students in their second or third years may be qualified for this position.


If already graduated from law school and employed in a law firm, the Legal Associate should expect to work ten hours per week.  If the intern is enrolled in law school, work hours will be arranged to fit the student’s class schedule​. 

Genocide Watch is not yet able to promise remuneration for this internship. However, for a law student, we will complete forms and supervision requirements for a law student to receive academic credit for the work. 

Genocide Watch will be applying for a grant to support remuneration for work on this project.


2. Webmaster and Early Warning Analyst (4)

The Webmaster and Early Warning Analysts will ​focus on ​maintaining Genocide Watch’s website:, including maintaining ​the website and social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.


○ Add news articles to the Genocide Watch website.

○ The interns will regionally specialize in countries they know best, are interested in working on, and that are Genocide Watch priorities;

○ Update Country Reports for the Countries at Risk Report;

○ Draft Genocide Alerts on situations at risk of genocide or other crimes against humanity. The Alerts are published on the websites, are sent to members of the Alliance, and are sent directly to key policy makers in the US, UK, French and other governments on the UN Security Council, to key UN officials such as the Special Adviser to the UN Secretary General on the Prevention of Genocide, and to Members of the United States Senate and Congress.

○ Maintain all social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn) and update them each time a new article is published on the website.


○ Ability to work independently and take initiative.

○ Experience with high-level internet research.

○ Knowledge of social media platforms and Microsoft Office.

○ Experience with WIX, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram is a plus, but training will be provided.

○ Experience living in a region of concern, and language ability in a relevant language are desirable.

3. Alliance Against Genocide Coordinator (2)



           ○ The Alliance Coordinators will  work with a professional web developer to design and launch a new Alliance website.

○The Alliance Coordinators will post communications from Alliance members on the Genocide Watch and Alliance websites.​

○ The Alliance Coordinators will develop stronger relationships with member organizations of the Alliance Against Genocide.

○ The Coordinators will communicate frequently with Alliance members, and will host webinars and zoom or hangouts meetings.


○ Excellent attention to detail and organizational skills.

○ Excellent spoken and written communication skills.

○ Experience with high-level internet research.

○ Experience with Microsoft Office (Word, Excel) and ability to learn basic accounting programs.

○ Experience with WIX, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn is a plus, but training will be provided.

Experience with Zoom, Hangouts, TEAMS, or other software to conduct virtual meetings.

4. Education and Timestream Creator (4)



Conduct research on various international genocidal activities and create Timestreams* for use by teachers, students, and researchers.

*Timestream is a new technology developed by Ntrepid Corporation, LLC and is used to illustrate individual events on a timeline. Each event includes written summaries and attached links, documents, and images. The final product for display is a Timestream presentation which will be published on the Genocide Watch website.



Strong research skills. Ability to find information from many sources to develop factual narratives about past and current genocidal activities.
Excellent writing, editing, and oral communication skills.
Tech savvy and ability to learn new programs quickly. 
Familiarity with Microsoft Office Suite and Google Suite.
Organization skill and ability to multi-task.
○ Ability to work effectively within a team in a virtual environment.
Passionate about Genocide Watch’s mission.

In the coming months, Prof. Gregory Stanton, President of Genocide Watch, will concentrate on completion of a short textbook for secondary school students, entitled The Ten Stages of Genocide. His ten stage model of the genocidal process is already paradigmatic in many secondary school and college curricula in the US, Rwanda, and other countries. It is hoped that Dr. Stanton’s forthcoming short textbook will be adopted in many states, translated into numerous languages, and distributed free on the internet. Interns may be involved in some of the research and business arrangements for publication of the book.

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