Genocide stages:



Afflicted Groups:

  • Rohingya

  • Kachin

  • Karen

  • shan

  • democrats


Current situation:

  • Brutal attacks on ROHINGYA civilians by Myanmar military, buddhist extremists, rakhine soldiers





  • expulsion

  • official denial



Genocide Watch has published its first Timestream presentation, a new educational tool created by Ntrepid LLC.  Timestreams on other genocides will follow.

The Rohingya Timestream covers the history of the genocide and forced displacement of the Rohingya in Myanmar.  It explores key events leading up to the Gambia's case against Myanmar in the International Court of Justice.  View the Timestream presentation here...

Rights groups decry relocation of people picked up at sea after fleeing camps in Cox’s Bazar

Hundreds of Rohingya Muslims, including children, have arrived at “a de facto detention island” in Bangladesh after being stranded at sea for weeks.

Rights groups had warned that the refugees, who had been turned away from other countries in the region, were at risk of starvation and abuse by people traffickers. It is believed that...

A boat carrying suspected ethnic Rohingya migrants is seen detained in Malaysian territorial waters, in Langkawi, Malaysia on April 5, 2020. File Photo: Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency/Handout via Reuters

Pushing hundreds of starving and persecuted Rohingya refugees back out to the sea in the full knowledge that they have no safe place of refuge elsewhere are fundamental violations of their human rights, said Free Rohingy...

March 17, 2020

A total of 21 villagers were killed and about two dozen injured when military jets opened fire on four majority Christian villages in Chin State, Myanmar (Burma) over the weekend.

Eyewitness said twelve people were killed in the first attack on two villages in Paletwa Township by Myanmar Army planes on 14 March. A further eight people died the following day in an airstrike on two other villages. The attacks caused about 2,000 r...

The International Court of Justice and Gambia's legal team, January 23, 2020. Photo from 

In a unanimous ruling, the International Court of Justice (ICJ), also commonly called the World Court, today ordered Myanmar to protect Rohingya in its territory against Genocide.  In finding that provisional measures are warranted to restrain Myanmar, it relied on the UN Independent International Fact-Finding Mission Reports...

Dr. Gregory Stanton, Founder and President of Genocide Watch, urging due recognition of the crimes against the Rohingya in Myanmar as genocide.

Originally posted September 21, 2018.

On Aug. 25, two years will have passed since that fateful August day when the Myanmar military came to drive the Rohingya people away.

Their so-called clearing operations displaced close to 800,000 people. Conservative estimates suggest that at least 10,000 were killed.

In the intervening two years, the U.S. government has drawn no official conclusions about what happened. Some might dismiss this as a matter of bureaucratic nuan...

August 12, 2019

The next phase of the genocide against the Rohingya ethnic minority of Myanmar, formerly known as Burma, is underway. Congress can help stop it by passing a National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) that incorporates what the House passed a few weeks ago — sanctions on military-controlled business conglomerates that funded the genocide and are now underwriting its cover-up.  

The horrific mass atrocity crimes that the mili...

He dreamed of educating the children in his village. But soon he learned that it was dangerous for the Rohingya to dream. 

When he was in primary school, Futhu read a story about a girl who named her flowers. She wrote their names in a diary, logged when she planted and watered them and charted how they grew. The story was in a book Futhu’s uncle brought to their village in Myanmar’s western Rakhine State from across the border...

July 30, 2019

(Bangkok and Geneva, July 5, 2019)— The Government of India should prevent forced returns of refugees from Myanmar, Fortify Rights said in a short video today. Fortify Rights received mobile-phone footage showing Indian security forces dragging an unknown Rakhine refugee woman from a bamboo hut and carrying an infant child in Mizoram State.

This week, Indian security forces reportedly forced more than 100 Rakhine refugees back...

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