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STUDIO KHORA marks the advancement of Rex Nichols Architects to a specific synergistic gathering of engineers, inside fashioners, scene modelers, lighting creators, and manufacturers. STUDIO KHORA accepts that the right group makes greatness in building plan with a convincing creative assertion. One that fills in as a consoling and edified work of contemporary workmanship, a rich construction that talks about light and air, deviation and reflection, surface and Maine realtors structure; a visual encounter that tries to elevate and move, with a solid philosophical and imaginative perspective. STUDIO KHORA's inheritance with Rex Nichols Architects incorporates 11 American Institute of Architects grants. For a very long time running, Rex Nichols Architects has been perceived as one of the Top 50 Coastal Architects in the United States by the superior Ocean Home Magazine, with projects in South Florida, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and the Bahamas.


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