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Genocide Watch Annual Report 2015

2015 has been a very productive year for Genocide Watch. With the creativity and hard work of our interns during 2015, Genocide Watch has maintained the most actively updated and heavily used websites on genocide on the internet. We testified before Congress on the genocidal massacres of ISIS. We had many meetings at the State Department. We sponsored an Appeal to Congress by Genocide Scholars concerning the ISIS genocide and other crimes.

We co-sponsored a conference at George Mason University on Women and Genocide in the 21st Century, focused on Sudan. We keynoted a Los Angeles conference on the genocide in Burma against the Rohingya. We contributed articles to newspapers and appeared on worldwide television, including BBC and CNN. We sponsored a summer film series on Genocide.

Our interns built and launched a new website for the Alliance Against Genocide, to serve as a communications site for the 50+ member organizations of the Alliance, which continues to grow. One of our interns built a Genocide Watch app for I-phones and Androids, which can be downloaded from our website, We continue to use Facebook and Twitter to communicate with the thousands of people who follow our work.

Genocide Watch is a non-partisan, non-profit, tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization that pays no salaries and keeps its overhead very low thanks to its affiliation with the School for Conflict Analysis and Resolution of George Mason University in Arlington, Virginia. Three interns each semester and each summer receive academic credit for their work with Genocide Watch. Our office space and furniture, computers, telephones, and meeting rooms are provided by George Mason University. Genocide Watch pays only for liability insurance as required for affiliates of the university.

In return, Genocide Watch provides educational opportunities to its interns, to the School for Conflict Analysis and Resolution, and to the public about how and why genocide develops, including early warning signs of threats of mass killing and reports on current genocidal situations. Our reports are posted on our websites, sent to the member organizations in the Alliance Against Genocide, and sent directly to Congress, the State Department, National Security Council and the President, and to the UN’s Special Advisor to the Secretary General on the Prevention of Genocide.

This year, Genocide Watch received two small foundation grants and many smaller donations with which we raised $20,000 for website domain maintenance and other operating expenses. Every penny is spent wisely. Because our budget is small and simple, we only file the short form annual non-profit tax return.

In the near future, we plan to develop an online course on Genocide in conjunction with the publisher of our textbook for secondary school students.

December 31, 2015

Greg Stanton

President, Genocide Watch

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