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Myanmar's Muslim Population Control National Project, Rohingyas a prime target

In a radical departure from a non-negotiable stance on separation the army's Japanese-trained founder the late Aung San, the successive generations of military leaders, including General Ne Win, have pursued an anti-Muslim project, particularly after the army's take-over of power in 1962.

The project began half-century ago, with a clear goal of Muslim population control, and the Rohingyas have been the prime target because they are the only one with their own historical concentration in Western Burma - before the clear boundaries were drawn and before the countries of Burma and East Pakistan (since 1971, Bangladesh) came into existence.

Now the late Aung San's daughter has joined hands with the genocidal Burmese military in this project.

It was Aung San Suu Kyi who single-handedly made the decision to cleanse her NLD party of any Muslim candidate on the eve of 2015 elections. All her top deputies including ex-Captain Win Htein and ex-General Tin Oo were in favour of keeping Muslim representation in their party. According toU Ko Ni, the NLD's lone Muslim lawyer - racists always make an exception as in "my best friend is Black' - 3 Muslim candidates were nominated to run on the NLD ticket. Aung San Suu Kyi said unequivocally NO. Bingo!

We have Muslim free NLD. Muslim free armed forces. Muslim free cabinet.

​Excluded from all other domains of society and the State, Muslims of course focus on economic activities. While there are poor Muslim communities the Burmese look at the Muslims as economically successful - "greedy".

(The other commercially successful racial/ethnic group that are viewed with disdain are Chinese. But the Burmese regime dare not trigger this anti-racist time bomb as the Chinese tanks will roll down into Burma - as the Communist Party of China is no longer presiding over the impoverished and isolated China as it did half-century ago, when pogroms against the Chinese in Southeast Asia took place in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Ne Win's Burma.)​

OIC is internally fractured, and the pan-Islamic community, largely impotent to stop violence within and against Muslim communities - and the West, itself, anti-Muslims, Myanmar is having a field day, raping and slaughtering Rohingyas.

In March 2013, within 36 hours, the genocidal racists slaughtered roughly about 500 Muslims in the heartland of Burma - a town called Meikhtila. It is a military town, where about 60 armed forces units are permanently headquartered, and within 2 hrs drive from the capital. The security troops were told to 'do nothing' when pogroms were taking place.

Here is evidence from the past press clippings, which establish my country's despicable genocidal project re: Muslims and particularly the Rohingya people.

​Alas, Aung San Suu Kyi is upset for being called out by the West on her 'inaction' on the pogroms. Having collected virtually every human rights and humanitarian honours from every corner of the world, she is expected to behave more than a 'run-of-the-mill' politician.

​But she is deeply racist towards the Muslims - widely reportedly - and she has used her partnership with the military for her own delusions of grandeur, having abandoned any pretence of "Buddhism" or liberal "principles".

No wonder her government, leading racist "monks" and Rakhine leaders 'heartily' welcome Trump victory in the United States.

​With Myanmar leaders like these - in Buddhist community, in the armed forces, in society - it is little wonder that Myanmar is doing what it is doing now: engaged in a slow genocide, with period spikes of direct killings and plateaus of daily, routinized oppression of the Rohingyas in particularly - and Muslims in general. ​

We are going down in history as yet another genocidal country - like Nazi Germany or Rwanda or Serbia.

​ And rightly so.

But certainly, not in my name. ​

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