A Grim History in the Making: Sudan News and Commentary, January 2018

Herewith I’ve provided a month’s worth of day-by-day news and commentary on events throughout Sudan. January 2018 is likely to be recorded as the moment in which popular protests and widespread anger and disgust with the National Islamic Front/National Congress Party regime had finally grown to the point where demonstrations were impossible to suppress—or the moment in which the repressive power of the regime was so conspicuous, so unrestrained and potentially deadly, that Sudanese felt they had been forced to wait for the inevitable collapse of the Sudanese economy—and the corresponding massive, chaotic, unorganized, and inevitably deadly political collapse of the regime.

This is the inevitable future point, in other words, in which even the most ruthless survivalism finds itself unable to pay the army or security forces, and they too turn against the men who have governed as self-enriching tyrants for 29 years.

To the extent that European countries and the U.S. are engaged in various forms of rapprochement and offer economic assistance to the regime; to the extent that rich Arab states continue to provide hard currency to a regime that can’t afford even with this assistance to import sufficient food or medicine; to the extent that the African Union simply refuses to see the regime for what it is; and to the extent the UN Security Council continues to be emblematic of massive institutional failure—to the extent that all these realities prolong the agony of the people of Sudan, they have brought upon these most consequential international actors the deepest opprobrium. History will be thoroughly unforgiving.

A day-by-day recording of events in Sudan for January 2018, primarily via Tweets ( @SudanReeves ) see | https://wp.me/p45rOG-2ch

Jan 28, 2018: #Sudan: In its lust for #gold & foreign exchange currency (Forex), the brutal Khartoum regime will impose any hardship, any suffering on people who have the misfortune of living near mining operations using the extremely toxic chemical #cyanide to extract gold—“domestic colonization”:

Jan 27, 2018: #Sudan: Human Rights Watch (annual report) makes clear just how viciously abusive & violent the #Khartoumregime is; benign assessments of this ruthless cabal appear even more appallingly cynical. Suggestions of “democratic transformation” under NIF/NCP are utterly preposterous:

Jan 26, 2018: #Sudan continues to suffer terribly from the consequences of disastrous NIF/NCP regime economic policies, esp. the 2018 budget. Medicines are now not available—or available only to wealthy and those connected to regime. More protests are inevitable as more people die needlessly:

Jan 25, 2018: #Sudan/ese Journalist Amal #Habani remains imprisoned, with no formal charges against her; she’s been allowed no lawyer. Her case has been taken up by Reporters Without Borders; which in its current index of press freedom worldwide, rates Khartoum NIF/NCP regime as 174 out of 180:

Jan 24, 2018: NIF/NCP regime continues to reveal it has no understanding of fundamentals of economics, treating symptoms rather than the disease: underlying failures of the #Sudan/ese economy. Ordinary Sudanese will suffer most from this gross ignorance: more shortages, more hyper-inflation—