Genocide Watch Seeking Volunteer Assistant News Editors

October 1, 2018


Genocide Watch is looking for Volunteer Assistant News Editors to ensure daily updates of the Genocide Watch news feed. The Volunteer Assistant News Editors can work remotely, keeping in contact with other Genocide Watch volunteer staff through email and Skype meetings. 


Responsibilities include curating news to be posted online, posting news to the website, and sharing news on social media.  The hours are very flexible and can be scheduled according to the editor’s needs.


Volunteer Assistant News Editors may be located anywhere in the world.  Your age, gender, nationality, ethnicity, race, religion, or political party do not matter.  Faculty and students in schools and universities, STAND members, and members of other Alliance Against Genocide organizations are especially encouraged to apply. We require knowledge of conditions in particular countries with early warning signs or actual genocide or crimes against humanity.  Objectivity is required, but not neutrality. [Only the stars can be neutral about genocide.]  Ideally applicants will have a good reading knowledge of a language or languages spoken in the country to be reported on.  However foreign language knowledge is not required.  Expertise or intensive study about a country is essential. If you have lived there, even better. Volunteers should regularly monitor reliable news sources in the monitored country or in international news.  The volunteers will be asked to copy news articles from internet sources into Word or PDF format, scan news from print, or forward URL's of news stories, videos, and other media.  They will e-mail the stories, video links, or URL's to Genocide Watch for posting on our website.  Instructions will be given to volunteers who are chosen.   Please e-mail a letter about you, including the country you want to monitor, and why you have knowledge of human rights conditions in that country to:  There is no deadline for applications.  The more volunteer monitors for Genocide Watch the better.


Senior Volunteer News Editors will have a BA or higher with courses in Holocaust and Genocide Studies or a related field. Familiarity with the Wix web platform as well as social media a plus. Please send letter of application, CV or resume, and a writing sample to with “Application: Senior Volunteer News Editor” as the subject. Before writing your letter of interest, please familiarize yourself with our site and our mission, and be sure to identify for us the experience, interests and skills that you would bring to this position.





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