MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN THE LIVES OF THE NUBA PEOPLE: Donate to the Mother of Mercy Hospital (Sudan)

July 17, 2018

The Nuba Mountains region is one of the most forgotten humanitarian crises of the present day. The Nuba peoples, as the the latest target of Sudan President Omar al-Bashir's genocidal campaigns against groups in the Western and Southern regions of his country, face deadly aerial bombardments and are cut off from the outside world. The only surgeon within 200 miles, ‘Dr. Tom’ does his best to save lives in the midst of carnage and terror, treating as many as 400 patients a day at Mother of Mercy Hospital, nestled in the heart of the Nuba Mountains.


Now you can directly support Dr. Tom Catena’s life-saving work in the Nuba mountains, Sudan. Every dollar donated to Dr. Tom’s Mother of Mercy Hospital through the Take Heart Foundation goes to Dr. Tom and the Mother of Mercy hospital to buy supplies, including vaccines and syringes, to support the local school and, most importantly, to continue to train the Nuba staff and prepare surgeons to one day operate their hospital independently. You can also expand your influence even further and become a fund raiser for Dr. Tom.


For more information and to donate, visit:

To see the official trailer of the film, visit:


"The Heart of Nuba" film is available for streaming on Hulu as of July 7, 2018.

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