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Keep the Spotlight on Sudan

Darfur Women Action Group welcomes the small victory for the 4-month long protests. However, we are extremely concerned about the deceptive process of the transfer of power to the military group, led by officials who supported and condoned the past deeds of al-Bashir. For example, Defense Minister Awad Ibn Auf, who just recently stepped down due to continued public protest, has been subject to the US sanction for his direct role in the genocide in Darfur. Last Wednesday night, millions of Sudanese from across the globe waited anxiously with a profound hope for change, only to ultimately see that their hope had been stolen. The announcement that a two-year military government will be formed, the constitution suspended, and a three-month state of emergency declared came as a shock to the people of Sudan and the world alike.

Although we consider arresting Omar al-Bashir and a handful of leaders in his regime to be a positive step, we are deeply disappointed about emergence of the military council which is merely a change of seats, rebranding the face of the same corrupt regime. This is a direct betrayal of the demands of millions of Sudanese who have cried for freedom, peace and justice for years.

We, along with millions of Sudanese, have categorically rejected the transfer of power to the military and the leadership of Ibn Auf. We are too familiar with al-Bashir and his group's deceptive nature, with their greed for power, and with the many games they have employed over the course of the 30 years of their terrorizing ruling in Sudan.

What had just transpired neither meets the demands and aspiration of the people, nor guarantees peace or stability in Sudan. This response is too late and too inadequate when one considers the sacrifices paid by the men, women and children of Sudan in their fight to achieve justice, particularly those who suffered from the long-standing crises that are continuing to take place.

The protesters are determined to accept nothing short of their demand for a civilian government to lead the interim period.

Giving the military another two years means giving the regime another chance to regain control and destabilize the country.

For the last 30 years, Sudan has suffered immense human, social, economic and political destruction. Bringing stability back into the country requires an interim government that can be trusted. This government must have the ability and the will to bring everyone together to create a strong foundation for a long-term peaceful transformation of Sudan.

For 30 years the Sudan regime has never compromise. We witnessed a regime that was unwilling to give up power. Due to the resilience and persistence of the Sudanese people, al-Bashir has been finally forced to step down. Still now, personal have been strategically installed to control the military with the corrupt agenda of granting impunity for al-Bashir and other criminals.

While the news of change is welcomed, these developments put Sudan in a dangerous position in an extremely defining moment. We must stay vigilant and make known that impunity for genocide crimes can never be an option.

We, therefore, call on the International community to make it clear to the Military Council that they are not welcomed to lead the Sudan.

We call on the Military Council to listen and effectively respond to the just demands of the protesters.

We call on the U.S. government to exercise more pressure over the transitional council to transfer the power to civilian government.

We call on the African Union and the United Nations Security Council to refuse recognition of the military-based transitional council and to ensure that the interim council is led by an internationally recognized civilian government.

We call on our supporters to continue to speak up for the people of Sudan and demand accountability for perpetrators of crimes of the genocide and gross human rights violation.

Thank you,

Niemat Ahmadi

President, Darfur Women Action Group

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