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By Any Other Name: How, When, and Why the U.S. Government Has Made Genocide Determinations

By Any Other Name: US Government Statements about "Genocide" by Todd Buchwald and Adam Keith, both former U.S. State Department officials, compiles the instances in which senior US government officials have publicly invoked the term, describes the behind-the-scenes decision-making process leading to these decisions, and the lessons learned from this process. The U.S. State Department Office of the Legal Advisor has been notoriously unwilling to use the term "genocide," even to describe obvious cases such as Rwanda in 1994. It has blocked action by the U.S. to stop one genocide after another since the Holocaust, when the U.S. State Department prevented Jews from legally escaping to and landing in the U.S.A. Buchwald and Keith recommend taking action to prevent and stop genocide even when policy makers will not use the term. To read their report, click here.

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