HUDO Centre releases 'Report on the Human Rights Situation in South Kordufan and Blue Nile States of Sudan'

July 28, 2020

Executive summary

This report covers some incidents that occurred between January and June 2020 in the government controlled territories of South Kordufan and Blue Nile States and among IDPs from the two states. In Khartoum state, the violations reduced significantly but in conflict areas of SK and BN, violations went on with limited or no intervention from the state or central government (authorities).


The aim of this report is to bring to light the human rights violations and abuses in SK and BN states of Sudan (government territory) and the situation of Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) from the two states.


The information included in this report is a result of prepared instruments/tools which were used by trained field monitors in gathering the data. Data from the field monitors was reviewed and compiled by the competent reporting panel. Due to many challenges, this report does not take account of all incidents that occurred during this period.


The violations and abuses included in this report are; arbitrary arrests, unlawful killings (more than thirty civilians were shot dead) and other violations which were mainly carried out by RSF/PDF against civilians in the two conflict areas. On regular incidents, police deliberately refused or failed to carry out investigations of cases brought before them. The report also includes court observation notes for specific trials with human rights aspect.


In recommendation, this report calls upon Sudan government to respect its obligations towards the citizens and the international human rights laws. The report also urges the international community to stand with the victims in reparation for their rights. Link to full document:


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