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Timestream: The Spanish Civil War

Genocide Watch staff have published the twenty-fifth Timestream in a series of critical genocides in the world.

This Timestream covers the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939), which was fought between the Nationalists and the Republicans. Nationalists saw Republican liberal ideology as a dangerous idea that needed to be "cleansed," thus justifying massacres and mass extrajudicial killings across Spain which amounted to a campaign of extermination and politicide. Following the Nationalists' victory, General Franco became dictator and continued this campaign of extermination and denial until his death in 1975. This legacy of denial continued until very recently when Spain began the process of uncovering the truth, though barriers to the process of recognition, restoration, identification of remains, and retiring the symbols of the Franco regime remain.

See the full Timestream here and view our other Timestreams here.


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