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Auschwitz Conference on Exclusions in the Modern World

© 2021 International Center for Education about Auschwitz and the Holocaust

Watch #Auschwitz International Conference 7-8 July (today and tomorrow). "If this is a man .... Exclusions in the Modern World", based on #LGBTQ #Rohingya #BosnianGenocide #Africa #Islamophobia etc.

The title of this year's biannual international education conference was from the late Dr Primo Levi, the Italian Jewish doctor who survived Auschwitz and did the first medical assessment of the camps and fellow survivors when it was liberated by the Soviet Red Army in Jan 1945.

Auschwitz Museum Conference organizers are acutely aware of the fact that Never again! remains a hollow promise which the UN-led world order has failed to render a reality, again and again and again, in the post-Holocaust world.

Professor Greg Stanton of Genocide Watch will deliver the inauguration lecture after the opening at 1 pm (London).

The viewing is open to public. To watch it please click on the Zoom platform here.

The programme and the bios of the participating speakers can be accessed here:

Euro-Burma Foundation, Free Rohingya Coalition and co-produced with the award-winning documentary film-maker Shahida Tulaganova Auschwitz: Lessons Never Learned, during the lock-down last year. It was based on archival materials and the group study tour I organized with the cooperation of the Auschwitz-Birkenau Museum.

The picture above is from the study tour. 4 of the participants are in hiding or joined the anti-Fascist dictatorship resistance in Burma since the Feb coup.

I am extremely honoured to be asked to speak on exclusions as a pathway to genocide, the role of "bystanders" - states and peoples - in genocides and what to do prevent genocides. The concluding panel where I will speak is scheduled at 7 pm London tomorrow.

During the pandemic lock-down, I initiated the Genocide Podcast Series, which can be accessed here.

© 2021 International Center for Education about Auschwitz and the Holocaust


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