alert status : Genocide Emergency


Genocide stage: 9- Extermination


Warring forces:

  • the al-Assad regime and its allied militias

  • the Free Syrian Army

  • Jabhat al-Nusra

  • Islamic state (Daesh/ ISIS)

  • alawite loyalists


Current situation:

  • fifth year of Syrian crisis

  • ongoing hostilities

  • unprecedented mass displacement of civilians throughout neighboring countries

  • U.N. brokered Syria peace talks underway (Geneva)

  • anti sunni rebels, christians, and shia groups amongst most affected by the warring forces


Hundreds of thousands of people fleeing Syria’s war ended up in Idlib city. But with the front line just five miles away, the city may not be a refuge much longer.

About 100 displaced families live in a temporary shelter in a soccer stadium in Idlib city. The city is likely to be the Syrian government’s next target.  Credit...Ivor Prickett for The New York Times

IDLIB, Syria — Before the war in Syria, Idlib city, with its tree-l...

Nabad al Hayat Surgical Hospital in southern Idlib Province served around 200,000 people before being destroyed in a Russian airstrike on May 5. In a Russian Air Force transmission obtained by The Times, a pilot can be heard receiving the hospital’s exact coordinates before bombing it.Credit...Orient News

first posted October 13, 2019

By Evan Hill and Christiaan Triebert

An analysis of previously unpublished Russian Air...

Ahmad Yassin Leila and his infant daughter Iman, who froze to death.

The Syrian government’s assault on a rebel-held province has created one of the worst humanitarian emergencies of a brutal nine-year war.

REYHANLI, Turkey — The baby wasn’t moving. Her body had gone hot, then cold. Her father rushed her to a hospital, going on foot when he could not find a car, but it was too late.

At 18 months, Iman Leila had frozen to death.


Shams, 11, center, holds her brother in a cave near Idlib where she and her family found shelter after fleeing the Aleppo countryside about a month ago. (Emin Ozmen/Magnum Photos)

IDLIB, Syria — The market bombing had driven Ahmed and his family from their town in southern Idlib province and onto the road, to join hundreds of thousands of other people searching for safety, the teen recalled. A Russian plane had circled overhead...