alert status : Genocide Emergency


Genocide stage:

9- Extermination 


warring groups:

  • houthi

  • saudi air force

  • al qaeda


Current situation:

  • the eleced government and the houthi are being attacked by the warring groups listed


June 25, 2019

WFP spokesperson accuses Yemen's rebels of holding up a shipment destined to feed about 100,000 families.

Yemen's Houthi rebels blocked a food shipment earmarked to feed 100,000 families in the impoverished nation that has been pushed to the brink of starvation by more than four years of war.

A World Food Programme (WFP) spokesperson, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said on Tuesday the aid was prevented from reaching civili...

At least 36 countries including all 28 members of the European Union have signed a statement criticising Saudi Arabia's human rights record at the United Nations Human Rights Council on Thursday, diplomats said.

"It is a success for Europe to be united on this," an envoy of an EU country told Reuters news agency.

The statement will be the first rebuke of the kingdom since the UN forum was set up in 2006. The text,...

KHARTOUM, Sudan — The civil war in Darfur robbed Hager Shomo Ahmed of almost any hope. Raiders had stolen his family’s cattle, and a dozen years of bloodshed had left his parents destitute.

Then, around the end of 2016, Saudi Arabia offered a lifeline: The kingdom would pay as much as $10,000 if Hager joined its forces fighting 1,200 miles away in Yemen.

Hager, 14 at the time, could not find Yemen on a map, and his mother was ap...

WASHINGTON — The Senate voted on Thursday to end American military assistance for Saudi Arabia’s war in Yemen in the strongest show of bipartisan defiance against President Trump’s defense of the kingdom over the killing of a dissident journalist.

The 56-to-41 vote was a rare move by the Senate to limit presidential war powers and sent a potent message of disapproval for a nearly four-year conflict that has killed thousands of...

December 11, 2018

War monitor says it documented more than 3,000 deaths as the Saudi-UAE coalition intensified raids ahead of peace talks.

Rimbo, Sweden - November was one of the bloodiest months in the war in Yemen with at least 3,058 documented deaths, a war monitor has said, as the Saudi-UAE coalition intensified its bombing campaign ahead of UN-sponsored peace talks in Sweden.

The Armed Conflict Location and Event Data (ACLED)...

BUENOS AIRES — Argentine authorities are looking into possible criminal charges against Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman of Saudi Arabia as he prepares to attend an international summit meeting of world leaders this week in Buenos Aires, officials involved in the inquiry said.

The inquiry, centering on allegations of war crimes during the Saudi-led military intervention in neighboring Yemen, is the most significant test yet of...

November 12, 2018

By Reuters

The Red Sea city is an entry point for most of the country's desperately needed food and relief supplies.

Pro-government forces advance towards central Hodeida on Thursday.Khaled Ziad / AFP - Getty Images

ADEN, Yemen — Street battles raged on Sunday in residential areas of Yemen's main port city of Hodeida, forcing some medical staff to flee the largest hospital, as Iranian-aligned Houthi insurgents tried to repel forc...

November 10, 2018

 British nongovernmental organization Save the Children has warned that millions of children are at risk of famine in the war in Yemen

(CNN)Hunger became starvation and is about to lurch into famine. A failing state failed and an economic crisis became a catastrophe. An insurgency became a civil war and then a regional conflict involving Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

Over the past decade, Yemen's vicious cycle has b...

November 9, 2018

FILE - In this Friday Sept. 28, 2018 file photo, a fisherman paddles his boat past destroyed buildings on the coast of the port city of Hodeida, Yemen. Amnesty International said warned late Wednesday. Nov. 7, 2018 that Yemen’s rebels have taken up positions on a hospital rooftop in the contested Red Sea city of Hodeida that a Saudi-led coalition is trying to capture. This raises concerns the Shiite rebels, known as Houthis, p...

November 9, 2018

A friend attends to the body of a Yemeni fighter on Sept. 22. Andrew Renneisen/Getty Images

In 2015, Saudi Arabia initiated a bombing campaign against its southern neighbor Yemen in what was essentially a proxy war — the Saudis backed a government that had been forced out of the capital by the Houthis, a group allied with Iran.

The Obama administration backed the Saudis with targeting intelligence and logistical help. The assump...

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