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Genocide and PoliTIcide

Genocides, Politicides, and Other Mass Murder Since 1945


Those countries at Stage 9 are currently at the mass killing stage. They are highlighted in bold type. They have active genocides, recurring genocidal massacres, or ongoing politicides. They are erupting. The others are at various stages of dormancy (4 through 6) but could erupt again.


Note that "lower" stages continue during "higher" stages – the stages are not linear, but are simultaneous operations, in which “lower” stages are logically necessary for “higher” stages, but continue throughout the genocidal process.


The table is organized by region. Within a region, countries are listed in order of their potential for mass killing, by stages. Not all politicides since 1945 appear on this chart because some countries where politicide has occurred have become democracies (e.g. East Germany, Poland, Romania, Mongolia) and are not now at stage 6 or above.
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We are currently working on updating data for 2016


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