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Archaeological Map

Addis Herald

Country Overview

Targeted Groups
Alert Status
Genocide Stage(s)
  • Amhara

  • Agews

  • Oromos

  • Shinasha

  • Somalis

  • Tigrayans

  • Ethiopian Federal Government – Prosperity Party

  • Tigray People’s Liberation Front

  • Oromo Liberation Army

  • Amhara Regional Military

  • Ethnic Regional Militias

  • Eritrean Troops

Stage 5: Organization, Stage 9: Extermination, Stage 10: Denial


Ethnic violence in Ethiopia continues to escalate. Ethnic regional militias target minority groups within Ethiopian regions. In the Tigray region, the war that broke out between the Tigrayan Peoples Liberation Force (TPLF) and the Ethiopian government on November 4, 2020 continues and has now spread to the Amhara region.

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Could fighting in Ethiopia's Tigray trigger a wider conflict? | Inside Story - Al Jazeera

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Starving Tigray: How Armed Conflict and Mass Atrocities Have Destroyed an Ethiopian Region’s Economy and Food System and Are Threatening Famine - World Peace Foundation

Ethiopia Report Capture.PNG

UN Security Council: End Inaction on Ethiopia - Human Rights Watch

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