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Archaeological Map

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Country Overview

Targeted Groups
Alert Status
Genocide Stage(s)
  • Somali Civilians

  • Government Employees

  • Somali Security Forces

  • Refugees and IDPs

  • Al-Shabaab and Allies

  • Tribal Militias 

Stage 5: Organization, Stage 6: Polarization, Stage 8: Persecution, Stage 9: Extermination


Somalia is currently paralyzed by the war between the Islamic terrorist group Al-Shabaab and the Somali government, which is supported by the US, AU, and UN. Al-Shabaab is aligned with the Islamic State. It regularly attacks civilians in Somalia and in Kenya. An increase in civilian casualties has also resulted from massacres by clan militias. Al-Shabaab tyranny has driven many Somalis out of rural areas.

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Climate Change and Conflict in Somalia

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Somalia battles hunger as it braces for famine during a prolonged drought

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Al-Shabaab Militancy in Somalia: A Timeline

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