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Country Overview

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Targeted Groups
Alert Status
Genocide Stage(s)
  • Women

  • LGBTQI+ persons

  • Religious minorities

  • Timor-Leste government

Stage 3: Discrimination


From 1975-1999, Indonesia occupied and committed genocide in Timor-Leste, with 100,000-200,000 individuals dying during this period. Indonesian officials have taken little to no accountability for the genocide and continue to resist ongoing investigations and trials. Though Timor-Leste experienced periods of increased violence following independence, the country has since stabilized. The current government has faced criticism for discriminating against religious minorities. Gender-based violence and domestic violence against women and LGBTQI+ individuals are widespread, and investigations into and accountability for such violence are inadequate.

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East Timor Independence: A Short History of a Long and Brutal Struggle

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Chega! The Final Report of the Timor-Leste Commission for Reception, Truth, and Reconciliation (CAVR)

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Three Centuries of Violence and Struggle in East Timor (1726-2008)

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