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Genocide Watch has three levels of Genocide Alerts.

A Genocide Watch is declared when there are signs of the early stages of  the genocidal process.  See The Ten Stages of Genocide.


A Genocide Warning is called when the genocidal process has reached the stages of preparation by perpetrators and persecution of a targeted group.


A Genocide Emergency is declared when the genocidal process has reached the stage of genocidal massacres and other acts of genocide.

CURRENT alerts

Genocide Watch: Turkey's obstruction of aid to Kurds in Turkey and Syria, March 2023
Country Report: Cuba, December 2022
Genocide Emergency: Turkey's Aggression in Syria and Iraq
Genocide Emergency: Ukraine
Country Report: Serbia, September 2022
Country Report: Nepal, July 2022
Country Report: Haiti, April 2022
Genocide Emergency: Afghanistan
Country Report: West Sahara, February 2022
Genocide Emergency: India
Country Report: Lebanon
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