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Gambia, on behalf of Rohingya Muslims, opens an international dispute with Myanmar in an effort to have the country’s leadership tried for genocide.

Rohingya refugees from Myanmar after crossing into Bangladesh in September 2017. Credit...Adam Dean for The New York Times

PARIS — An arsenal of international laws has failed to confront the impunity of Myanmar’s government and security forces for their deadly purge of the country’s...

November 11, 2019




11 November 2019

To the Registrar of the International Court of Justice,

The undersigned, being duly authorized by the Government of the Republic of The Gambia, states as follows:

1.    In accordan...

Outline of Dr. Stanton's address to the 8th Symposium on Women and Genocide
Washington, DC, October 26, 2019

When Genocide Watch and the Alliance Against Genocide were founded in 1999, there were no international organizations or international coalitions dedicated solely to the prevention of genocide.

Genocide Watch and the Alliance have four goals: 
1.    Genocide education for policy makers, students, and the public;

October 24, 2019

Sudan Needs a Strategic Approach for Sustainable Change!

Darfur Women Action Group (DWAG) has released a comprehensive strategy that was delivered to the interim government  of Sudan, as well as to international and regional actors and stakeholders working on Sudan. DWAG’s Strategic Framework for Sustainable Change in the Republic of Sudan (the Framework), which was formulated by DWAG along with contributions from 37 experts an...

October 24, 2019

Perhaps a full history of the ongoing genocide in Darfur will one day be written. To be at all useful, it will necessarily include events from 2002 (and earlier) through the (potential) transition to civilian governance in Sudan in 2019. There is still little evidence that the dynamic new Prime Minister of Sudan, Abdallah Hamdok, will be able to rein in the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) in Darfur or halt the predations of armed A...

October 12, 2019

Joint Statement by 97 humanitarian organizations active in North-East Syria

On Unilateral Turkish Military Intervention in the Region

As active representatives of local and regional actors engaged in supporting humanitarian work within North-East Syria, the 97 signatory organizations to this statement have closely followed the developments of the Turkish military operations in North-East Syria since 9 October 2019. The affected...

Genocide Warning: January 17, 2018, renewed October 8, 2019

Kurds, Christians, and Yezidis in Northeast Syria are at grave risk of genocide by the armies of Turkey and Syria. The genocide will be supported by Russia and Iran.  Turkey and Iran have sizable Kurdish minority populations, which they consider threats to ethnic and national unity. 100,000 Christians live in the area Turkey will invade. Turkey and its predecessor, the...

“Repatriation” scheduled to begin August 22

(Cox’s Bazar, August 21, 2019)—The governments of Myanmar and Bangladesh should suspend any immediate plans to return Rohingya refugees to Myanmar, said Fortify Rights today. The authorities should ensure Rohingya have basic rights and protections in Myanmar and engage in meaningful consultations with Rohingya refugees before facilitating future refugee returns to Myanmar.

Bangladesh a...

August 24, 2019

Calls for Canada to pressure Brazil on Indigenous rights

The Brazilian government's push to escalate agricultural and mining developments in the Amazon at the expense of Indigenous rights actively brought about the ongoing wildfire crisis, Indigenous advocates say.

There are currently over 75,000 wildfires burning in the rainforest throughout the country — an 80 per cent increase over last year, according to Brazil's National In...

When things go wrong, those in power often promise to make it right. But do they? In this series, The Times investigates to see if those promises were kept.

NGA KHU YA, Myanmar — Rusting behind barbed wire, rows of trailers at a repatriation center sit empty and uninviting, evocative of a prison awaiting its inmates.

In a deserted arrivals trailer, uniformed officers loiter at their desks, expectant grins on their faces. Signs...

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