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Muslim Brotherhood, Coptic Christians, Bedouins

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Stage 8: Persecution


The Coptic Christians are  targeted by Islamist terrorist organizations and many of their rights to worship are restricted by the Egyptian government. While the Egyptian government recognizes the right to freedom of religion, there are many restrictions on building churches and other practices. 

The Muslim Brotherhood serves as a major threat to the current Egyptian government. It was classified as a terrorist group in 2013 due to its opposition against Al-Sisi, Egypt's President. The government held mass trials for members of the Muslim Brotherhood, giving death sentences to those found guilty.

The Egyptian government instituted a resettlement plan to encourage citizens to move to the Sinai Desert, the homeland to the Bedouins, a traditionally nomadic minority. These resettlement plans would restrict their movement. 

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Egypt plans to resettle millions in Sinai amid anti-terrorism operations

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