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Targeted groups:

  • Orban regime, Fidesz party, and other government actors

  • Ethnic Hungarians

  • Roma

  • Jews

  • Muslims

  • LGBTQI+ Individuals

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Stage 3: Discrimination


The Orban government threatens the civil rights of marginalized groups, such as the Roma, Jewish, Muslim, and LGBTQI+ populations, curtails press freedom to prevent scrutiny of the government, and fosters a climate of hatred. Roma people face systemic racism, popular prejudice, open harassment, and violent assault by ethnic Hungarians. Jewish Hungarians report antisemitic harassment and feeling unsafe practicing Judaism in Hungary. Hungarian Muslims report frequent verbal harassment and assault. Orban’s government has enacted laws limiting the rights of LGBTQI+ Hungarians, including banning LGBTQI+ content in schools.

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CIA World Factbook: Hungary

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Hungary Adopts Child Sex Abuse Law That Also Targets L.G.B.T. Community