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  • Political Opposition

  • Venezuelan Citizens

  • Maduro Regime

  • Armed Groups

Stage 3: Discrimination, Stage 4: Dehumanization, Stage 5: Organization, Stage 6: Polarization, Stage 8: Persecution
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Political opponents of President Nicolás Maduro’s United Socialist Party are regularly being arrested and detained. Political dissidents are being held for long periods on baseless charges.  The state restricts freedom of the press, and arrests journalists who report human rights violations. Professional and business elites are threatened by the military if they do not support the Maduro regime. Those who protest openly are arrested, tortured, or “disappeared,” a euphemism for murder.

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Venezuela’s humanitarian crisis has only worsened under COVID-19

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Venezuela: The Rise and Fall of a Petrostate

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Social Control and Abuses by Armed Groups in Colombia’s Arauca Province and Venezuela’s Apure State