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106th Anniversary of the Armenian Genocide

April 24th, 2021 marks the 106th Anniversary of the Armenian Genocide. In 1915, the Ottoman Empire began a systematic campaign of deportation, rape, and extermination of the Armenian population of Eastern Turkey. An estimated 1.5 million Armenians were killed alongside the Ottoman Greek and Assyrian populations. The genocide eventually created the large Armenian Diaspora around the world today and is a painful memory that all Armenians carry. For the past 105 years, the Turkish government has refused to call the events in 1915 a "genocide" and has since created a large-scale campaign to deny the Armenian Genocide. So far only 32 countries recognize the Armenian Genocide. Help Genocide Watch fight genocide denial by reading and sharing our handout on the Armenian Genocide attached below:

Forget-Me-Not Flower--Symbol of Remembrance for Armenian Genocide:

  • The black dot symbolizes the past and the suffering of the Armenian people

  • Light purple petals symbolize the present and unity of all Armenians

  • Five purple leaves symbolize the future, and the five continents Armenians fled to

  • Twelve yellow sections represent hope and the twelve provinces lost to Turkey

Armenian Genocide Handout
Download PDF • 567KB


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