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English as the Language of Deception & Its Usage in Human Rights Industry

English as the Language of Deception & Its Usage in Human Rights Industry Is English language, the language of the last formal Empire, perfectly suited to facilitate mutual deception as a tool of communication and foster intellectual dishonesty? I think so. To get a seat at the table (accessing Power) or to be taken "seriously", no organisation or individual can state anything definitively, with convictions, and firm principles. A case in point: Myanmar "MAY BE committing crimes against humanity." Myanmar's persecution of the world's most persecuted people "MAY AMOUNT TO crimes against humanity". We are entering the space where the use of the word 'genocide' MAY NO LONGER BE considered frivolous. The ultimate goal of Rohingya persecution MAY BE ethnic cleansing. This refusal to call a spade spade is part of the human rights language game: this way "human rights industrialists" - my friend Jack Healey who put Amnesty International on the front page of TIME magazine with his Conspiracy of Hope pro-human rights rock concerts - call this industry "human rights mafia". This mafia control or attempt to control human rights discourses, Highest Priests of Human Rights Church. Every conclusion or finding is negotiable, conditional and tailorable, depending on the expediency of the situation. There are only two types of organisations and individuals States (power) take seriously: 1) those that are marginally harmful to State's material interests, but who can be coopted, or manipulated, or used; and 2) those that are categorically radical, revolutionary and hence cannot be manipulated or coopted to toe the State's line. Human rights mafia falls under that #1 category: allow a plain load of board of directors to visit the country and grant them a pacifying meeting with the highest, smooth-talking genocidal leader, or allow prison visits after the chosen sites are sanitised. Anyone or organisation in-between #1 and #2 is not going to get access to the Neaderthals that run States. Sad for those who risk their lives fighting for their human survival when global ideational networks engage in the world of ambiguity, deception and plausibility. And sad for those of whom human rights as an organizing and guiding principle is sacred, inviolable and worth risking one's life, career, everything. I have no faith in Western human rights mafia. They won't get in the ring in solidarity with the victims. That's why, I read Fanon.

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