WARM FESTIVAL 2017 - 28th June 2nd July - SARAJEVO

Kino Meeting Point Hamdije Kreševljakovića 13 - Sarajevo Welcome Desk & Accreditations, Film Screenings, Conferences, Press Events, Festival Café

Wednesday 28th June / 18:00 Welcome Desk & Accreditations

Wednesday 28th June / 19:00

'Never Ending Stories' Exhibition Opening

An exhibition of drawings by Pierre Courtin

Meeting Point

Wednesday 28th June / 20:00 WARM FESTIVAL OPENING EVENT

'Legion of Brothers'

A film by Greg Barker (2017)

Thursday 29th June / 11:00

Justice Symposium 'Conventional and Unconventional Approaches to Transitional Justice' (PCRC)

Moderated by Velma Šarić (Post-Conflict Research Center - PCRC), with Tanya Domi (Columbia University in the city of New York), Denis Džidić (Balkan Investigative Reporting Network - BIRN), Samantha Šoletić Owens (Art Works Project Chicago), Myles Wallingford (Post-Conflict Research Center - PCRC)

Thursday 29th June / 12:30

'Never justified: ICTY and the crime of Torture' (ICTY Outreach documentary)

A film by Petar Finci

Discussion with Petar Finci (Senior Information Assistant and Documentary Maker, International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia - ICTY)

Thursday 29th June / 15:00

'Boko Haram: The Origins of Evil' A film by Xavier Muntz (2016)

Thursday 29th June / 17:00

'Islam, It’s Also Our History!' Exhibition Presentation

Discussion with Eli Barnavi and Isabelle Benoit (Tempora)

Thursday 29th June / 19:00

'Islam, It’s Also Our History!' Exhibition Event Bosniac Institute

Opening by Elie Barnavi (Tempora), Olaf-Gamal Deussen (EU Delegation B&H), Amina Rizvanbegović-Džuvić (Bosniak Institute) and Rémy Ourdan (WARM)

Partners: Tempora, Museum of Europe, Caen-Normandy Memorial, WARM Foundation

Thursday 29th June / 21:00


A film by Mohammed Diab (2016)

Friday 30th June / 09:00

'Why Remember? Memory and Forgetting in Times of War and Its Aftermath'

A conference organized by Paul Lowe

Friday 30th June / 10:00

'WARM Center Workshop'

A conference moderated by Stéphane Grimaldi (Caen Memorial) with Benoît Remiche, Isabelle Benoit and Eli Barnavi (Tempora), Adnan Pavlovic and Velma Saric (WARM), WARM Members, Sarajevo partners & guests

Partners: Caen-Normandy Memorial, Tempora

Friday 30th June / 12:30

'Depth Two'

A film by Ognjen Glavonić (2016)

Friday 30th June / 15:00

- 'Sanctuary/Sustenance: The Story of Many Journeys'

A multimedia projection of photography, film, music, and words directed by Maren Wickwire, with Lynsey Addario, Marcus Bleasdale, Paula Bronstein, Helene Caux, Jean Chung, Ron Haviv, David Hogsholt, Giulio di Sturco, and James Whitlow Delano.

Discussion with Maren Wickwire

followed by

- Films by contemporary artists about conflicts, aftermath and human toll.

A selection of videos by Odile Burluraux (Musée d’Art moderne de la Ville de Paris)

Friday 30th June / 17:00

'Philippines War on Drugs: The Nightshift' Conference

Moderated by Maral Deghati, with Eloisa Lopez, Raffy Lerma and Ezra Acayan

Friday 30th June / 18:00