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Rohingyas have no ways to survive in western Arakan

Myanmar brutal joint forces of army, BGP and Hlun Thein along with Rakhine extremists have been conducting aggressive arms attack on Rohingya civilians in Maungdaw and Rathedaung again today.

According to report, several Rohingya civilians have reportedly been killed in heavy gun fire of Myanmar joint forces in many villages of Rathedaung and Maungdaw. Most of them have been slaughtered by Rakhine extremists and forces.

The joint forces have launched arson and arms attack on the Rohingya residents since early morning of 26 August today where a mosque and a Madrasa have been burnt to ashes in Myinthlut (Merulla).

The Rohingya people of Shilkhali and Kyan Taung village under Rathedaung have completely been displaced owing to arson attacks who are taking shelter in the forest now where they may face maximum danger as well.

More than 1,000 homes have been torched and nearly 50, 000 people have been displaced since yesterday.

Rakhine extremists are also attacking them with the help of Myanmar security forces for which the Rohingyas have no alternative ways to survive there.

It is learnt that the joint forces are attacking the Rohingya civilians in Shab Bazar and Sammonapara of Maungdaw North and Minthlut of south where multiple people reported to have been killed in indiscriminate gun shots.

The Rohingyas have fallen prey to Myanmar security forces and Rakhine extremists and now they have no option to survive as both the armed forces and the Rakhine extremists are attacking them.

The heartbreaking Rohingyas urge international community and concerned to come forward to helping them rescue from atrocities of Myanmar brutal forces and Rakhine extremists. Otherwise, not a single Rohingya can survive in western Arakan, the villagers say.

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