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Jubilee Campaign submits reports to the UN in advance of the 37th session of the UPR

Jubilee Campaign has recently submitted reports on Mauritania, Myanmar, Nepal, and Rwanda for the upcoming 37th session of the Universal Periodic Review.

What is the UPR?

Every four years, the United Nations Human Rights Council reviews nations' compliance with international human rights obligations as well as the nations' recent improvements and setbacks in the area of human rights. NGOs and UN bodies submit reports on country conditions to complement the states under review's own official reports. Recommendations to the country under review are made by multiple nations, and these recommendations are then either noted (not accepted) or supported by the state under review.

This year was slightly different...

The unanticipated outbreak and spread of the COVID-19 pandemic however, has forced submission dates for the reports to be postponed. The prevalence and perseverance of the pandemic has further exacerbated existing human rights violations in the countries which is why we submitted two separate reports on Nepal, one of which is in collaboration with other human rights NGOs.

Read these reports and more on the Jubilee Campaign website

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