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Genocide Emergencies and Warnings: Recommendations

Genocide Watch Recommendations 2024

Genocide Emergencies and Warnings

Genocide Emergencies

Renewed genocide in Darfur and Sudan

- The U.N. Security Council or General Assembly should apply the Responsibility to Protect (R2P) Principles and authorize a U.N. Peacekeeping Force with a mandate to stop attacks against civilians by the Rapid Support Forces (RSF)and Sudanese Armed Forces.

- Both Generals Hemedti and Burhan should be charged and tried by the International Criminal Court (ICC) for war crimes, crimes against humanity, and genocide.

- The genocidal RSF must be defeated, disbanded, and disarmed. The Sudanese Armed Forces must be replaced by a disciplined, multi-ethnic police force with international accountability.

- Omar Al-Bashir must be extradited from a Sudanese military prison to the ICC to face trial for genocide and crimes against humanity.

Jihadist genocide of Christians in Nigeria

- The U.N. and Nigerian government should establish a Commission of Inquiry to investigate attacks on civilians and report to the Nigerian government and U.N. Human Rights Council.

- The Nigerian Army and police should establish a Strike Force, trained by international counter-terrorism experts, to investigate and arrest leaders of Boko Haram, ISWAP, and Fulani jihadists.

- Nigerian religious leaders should form a network of monitors to provide warnings of attacks.

- The U.N., E.U., and U.N. should support Nigerian police to protect civilians targeted by Islamist extremists.

- The Nigerian government should implement land use management plans to reduce competition for resources between farmers and Fulani herders.

Russian genocide in Ukraine

- Russia must withdraw its forces and stop its attacks on Ukraine.

- The U.S. and NATO must supply Ukraine with battle tanks, artillery, drones, and ample ammunition to defeat Russia and drive Russian forces out of Ukraine.

- The U.S. and NATO should supply Ukraine with cruise missiles and jets to destroy Russian missile and air bases inside occupied Ukraine and inside Russia.

- Vladimir Putin must be overthrown as President of Russia.

- Putin's imperialist aggression against Ukraine must be stopped and rolled back.

- The U.S. and NATO should abandon their gradualist approach and fully support Ukraine’s defence.

- Russian assets in European and U.S. banks should be seized and used to pay for Ukraine's defence.

Slow genocide of Hazara Shias in Afghanistan

- The U.S. and E.U. should release funds from Afghan assets to support U.N. World Food Program relief.

- The Taliban government should be recognized only when it stops murdering Hazaras and former government employees, when women are allowed to return to their jobs, and girls are allowed to return to their schools.

- The U.N. Assistance Mission (UNAMA) mandate of March 2023 (UNSC resolution 2678), accompanied by UNSC resolution 2679 mandating human rights monitoring, with quarterly reports to the U.N. Secretary General and to the U.N. Security Council should be fully implemented.

- Hazaras should be accorded preferential asylum status in the U.S., Canada, and the E.U.

Assad regime and Turkish genocides in Syria

- U.S. forces and Kurdish forces should be supported in resisting Turkish and Syrian attacks against Kurds, Armenians, Christians, and other minorities in Northern Syria and Iraq.

- Turkey must be warned not to attack Kurds, Christians, Armenians, and Ezidis.

- Turkey’s demand for a “buffer zone” inside northern Syria must be rejected.

- NATO should suspend Turkey's membership if it further invades Northern Syria and Iraq.

Genocide in North Korea

- The United Nations Human Rights Council should condemn the DPRK in its regular Universal Periodic Reviews, and strongly support the U.N. Special Rapporteur on North Korea.

- U.N. member states should demand that North Korea submit reports on the measures it has taken to comply with the human rights treaties to which the DPRK is a party.

- U.N. members should support the South Korean government's protection of North Korean escapees.

- U.N. members should support South Korean efforts to undermine the Kim communist monarchy in the DPRK, and bring about its peaceful internal overthrow.

Genocides of ethnic minorities in Myanmar

- ASEAN should scrap its failed 5-Point Consensus, which legitimizes the Tatmadaw’s rule.

- ASEAN should recognize the National Unity Government (N.U.G.) as the legitimate government of Myanmar.

- The Tatmadaw must be defeated and overthrown by the National Unity Government.

- The N.U.G. must release Aung San Suu Kyi and other detained officials, end the state of emergency, hold elections, and install a democratically elected Myanmar government.

- Rohingyas must be recognized immediately as citizens of Myanmar.

- Rohingyas should return to Myanmar only if they are guaranteed safety by a strong international force.

- Persecution of Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh and India:

- Bangladesh should allow the Rohingyas living in Bangladesh access to education, health care, freedom of movement, and employment.

- Bangladesh authorities must stop pressuring Rohingyas to return to Myanmar.

- India should halt its deportations of Rohingyas to Myanmar.

- Bangladesh should become an Intervening Party in the ICJ’s Gambia v Myanmar case.

- The U.S. and E.U. should donate much more financial support to assist Rohingya refugees.

Chinese genocide of Uyghur Muslims

- The U.S., E.U., and U.N should embargo imports of goods produced by Uyghur forced labor.

- The U.S. should outlaw investments in Chinese companies that use Uyghur forced labor.

- The U.S. and E.U. must ban export of technology (AI, facial recognition) used in the Uyghur genocide.

- The U.S. and E.U. should reduce their dependence on Chinese products.

- U.N. members should ensure that Uyghurs receive fair adjudication of asylum requests.

- The U.S. and E.U. should support resistance groups to overthrow Chinese Communist Party tyranny.

Hamas genocide of Israelis; Israeli war crimes and genocide in Gaza

- Israel and Hamas should agree on a permanent cease fire to end their war.

- All israeli hostages held by Hamas must be released immediately.

- Israel must immediately end its blockade of goods, food, and medicines to Gaza.

- Israeli and Palestinian Authority leaders must relaunch direct talks to resolve their conflicts based on the national, political, and human rights of both Israelis and Palestinians.

- Palestinian leaders and Arab states must recognize Israel's legitimate existence as a nation.

- Israel must halt expansion of settlements and dispossession of Palestinians in the West Bank.

- 7 October 2023 Hamas genocidists and war criminals should be prosecuted in Israeli courts.

- Israeli courts should prosecute Israeli leaders and IDF soldiers who committed war crimes in Gaza.

- The United States should condition its annual $4 billion in military aid and weapons sales to Israel on full Israeli adherence to a ceasefire, lifting of the blockade on Gaza, an end to Israeli bombing of Gaza, and adherence to strict rules of engagement to protect civilians.

Genocide in Ethiopia

- Ethnicity-based genocidal massacres of Tigrayans, Amhara, Anuak. Ogadeni, Somalis and other ethnic groups by Ethiopian Defense Forces and ethnic militias must stop.

- Eritrean forces must leave Tigray immediately and stop their massacres of Tigrayans.

- Journalists, civil society, and relief organizations must be granted access to all of Ethiopia.

Genocide in Democratic Republic of Congo

- Neighboring countries, including Rwanda, must stop their support for M-23 militias.

- The U.N. Peacekeeping Operation (MONUSCO) should be reinforced, not withdrawn from DRC.

- The African Union should prepare forces to intervene to stop the coming war and genocide.

- NATO countries should be ready to give financial and logistical support to AU forces.

- The U.S. and E.U. should ensure safe delivery of humanitarian aid in Eastern D.R.C.

Genocide Warnings

Warning of Azerbaijani invasion in Syunik province, Armenia

- The E.U. and NATO must warn Azerbaijan to stop its aggression against Armenia.

- They should warn Azerbaijan that if it invades the Syunik province of Armenia to establish a route to Nakhichevan and Turkey, the E.U. will cut off Azerbaijan’s oil and gas exports.

- A neutral force should deploy at the Line of Contact to deter war between Azerbaijan and Armenia.

- World leaders must condemn hate speech and genocide denial by the Aliyev regime.

Warning of genocide in India

- The United Nations Special Rapporteur on Minority Issues should investigate India's discrimination against Muslims and report to the U.N. Human Rights Council.

- The Indian Supreme Court should appoint an Independent Commission to investigate the Anti- Muslim pogroms of 2020 as well as continuing anti-Muslim lynchings.

- Indian Army and police who have committed crimes in Kashmir should be prosecuted.

- Prime Minister Modi should order BJP leaders to stop inciting anti-Muslim violence.

- Universities must support Indian academics in resisting BJP attacks on academic freedom.

- Journalists around the world should resist BJP attacks on India’s free press.

- World political and religious leaders should support religious freedom in India and oppose BJP attempts to turn India into a Hindu nationalist state.

Warning of genocide in Pakistan

- Pakistan should end arbitrary arrests and torture and repeal the death penalty.

- Pakistan must repeal its law against blasphemy, which includes the death penalty.

- Pakistan must protect all places of worship and religiously affiliated schools, hospitals, and civic organizations, from sectarian or religiously motivated violence;

- Pakistan must remove legal impediments to Ahmadis exercising their right to vote;

- Pakistan’s media must ban "jihadist" hate speech inciting violence against religious groups;

- Pakistan must respect international refugee law and stop deporting Afghan refugees.

Warning of genocide in Iran

- World leaders should condemn Iran's use of lethal force against women’s rights protesters.

- Iran’s missile attacks against Iraq and Pakistan must be condemned by the U.N.

- Iran’s support for Houthi, Hamas, and Hezbollah terrorists must be stopped and countered.

- No further release of frozen Iranian funds should be granted, even to free hostages.

- Iranian leaders who order aggression, torture, execution of protesters, and terrorist attacks should be referred to the ICC by the U.N. Security Council for charges, arrest, and prosecution.

- Evidence against police who target religious minorities and enforce dress codes for women should be collected for their prosecution after the Ayatollahs’ regime is overthrown.

Warning of Iranian-backed terrorism by Houthis in Yemen and Hezbollah in Lebanon

- Stop Iranian support for Houthi attacks on Red Sea shipping.

- Intercept ships and planes carrying Iranian weapons to Houthis in Yemen.

- Destroy Houthi missile batteries and drone bases used to attack Red Sea ships.

- Intercept and stop Iranian financial and arms support for Hezbollah in Lebanon.

Genocide Watch Recommendations 2024
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