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Genocide Survivors Film

"#Genocide, the deliberate killing of a large number of people from a particular nation or ethnic group with the aim of destroying that nation or group. During World War Two, the world saw one of the most horrific genocidal acts, the #Holocaust. The catastrophe murdered over 6 million European Jews, and millions of other people deemed ‘undesirable’ by the Nazi state. Never again were the words uttered after this atrocity. Every year, we remember on Holocaust Memorial Day. But it did happen again. This year, for Holocaust Memorial Day, we aim to tell the stories of the many #atrocities that have taken place within living memory since The Holocaust. Speaking with; Harry Spiro, Holocaust Survivor, Naila Kira, survivor of the 1994 Genocide in #Rwanda against the Tutsi, Mujo Delic and Nedzad Avdic, both survivors from the horrors of #Srebrenica, John U. Swarray, survivor of the crimes against humanity in #SierraLeone, and Doobey (Debay) Mahamud, survivor of the Genocide in #Darfur. Several organisations helped to make this #documentary#film possible. Please see their websites and donate to their work. 1) Holocaust- Holocaust Educational Trust - 2) Rwanda- Ishami Foundation - Survivors Fund (SURF) and IBUKA for providing footage. 3) Bosnia- Remembering Srebrenica - 4) Darfur- Waging Peace - 5) Sierra Leone- Forum For People With Disability Sierra Leone - If you found the contents of this film upsetting or distressing, please reach out to a mental health organisation for professional support: Mind- DISCLAIMER. All video footage has been used under fair use and is not monetised. No infringement intended. All picture & footage sources are listed below: Darfur 1)Waging Peace. Darfur Drawings. 2021. Available at: 2) Witting, Kailey. The Best Documentary Ever- Genocide in Darfur. YouTube. 2 November, 2017. Bosnia 3) Dobbs, Michael. Srebrenica Excutions – Trnovo. YouTube. 17 February 2012. 4) The Global Link. #SrebrenicaGenocide July 1995 - Heartbreaking video of Ramo Osmanovic forced by Serb soldiers to c. YouTube. 12 July 2020. 5) BBC Newsnight. The Butcher of Bosnia – BBC Newsnight. YouTube. 16 November 2017. Rwanda 1) Survivorsfund. The Rwanda Genocide- A Film by IBUKA (part 1). Youtube. 7 June 2011. 2) Survivorsfund. The Rwanda Genocide- A Film by IBUKA (part 2). Youtube. 7 June 2011. Holocaust 1) United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. The Path to Nazi Genocide. YouTube. 13 Jan 2014. 2) War Archives. Holocaust Buchenwald Concentration Camp Uncovered (1945) | British Pathé. YouTube. 14 March 2012. 3) United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. Death Marches: Photographs. Available at: 4) Imperial War Museum. Badge, star of David. Buchnwald concentration camp. Death March Art. Ghetto, Treblinka and Survivors Pictures. 2021. Available at: 5) AP Archives. Concentration Camps. YouTube. 28 July 2015. Sierra Leone 1) Kimhalia Lewis. Sierra Leone Civil War 1991 - 2002 War For Profit Documentary. YouTube. 12 May 2015. 2) Ifreeyourmind. Africas Civil Wars Sierra Leone Documentary. YouTube. 12 December 2013. 3) Journeyman Pictures. The Rebels Fighting For Sierra Leone (1998). YouTube. 21 September 2018. 4) Brand Sierra Leone. Sierra Leone Tourism: Nature. YouTube. 8 June 2012. Nuremberg 1) British Pathe. The Nuremberg Trials (1945). YouTube. 13 April 2014. War in Libya 1) Libyan War Video. More Battle Footage From Libyan Civil War. YouTube. 25 June 2011. Mediterranean Crossing 1) Doctors Without Borders/ MSF-USA. The Refugee Journey Across the Mediterranean. YouTube. 14 October 2015. Quotes Sources 1) Dostoyevsky, F. (2009). The Karamazov Brothers. Translated By Constance Garnett. Wandsworth, Hertfodshire. 2) Levi, P. (1947). If This Is A Man. Translated By Stuart Woolf. Abacus, Great Britain. 3) Rucyahana, J. (2007). The Bishop Of Rwanda: Finding Forgiveness Amidst A Pile Of Bones. Thomas Nelson, USA. 4) Santayana, G. (2011). The Life Of Reason. Introduction and Reason In Common Sense. The MIT Press, Massachusetts. 5) Wiesel, E. (1993). Speech at Dedication Ceremonies for the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum [Online]. USHMM. Available at: A huge thank you to Harley Baptiste for editing this film. An equally huge thank you to Roxy Orloff who wrote up each one of these incredible stories."

A film by U&I Global


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