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Shattering the Silence: Standing With Hazaras

The systematic discriminatory policies of the Taliban against Hazara and Shia communities in Afghanistan have led to an increase in insecurity incidents affecting them. The Taliban, wielding considerable authority, have been abusing their power against these minority groups. Evidence from Afghanistan demonstrates that the Taliban have been implementing methods of humiliation and dehumanization against the Shia population, thereby enabling the targeted killing and destruction of Hazara and Shia communities in Afghanistan. A recent suicide attack against Hazaras in the west of Kabul (Dasht-i-Barchi) exemplifies the depth of animosity that the Taliban has spread against innocent people. Numerous similar attacks have occurred against civilians in western Kabul, where Hazaras and Shias reside.


Among the Shia minority groups, eyewitness accounts and evidence illustrate numerous instances of mistreatment. For instance, when seeking marriage certificates, the Taliban insulted and lashed some individuals. One woman recounted how a Taliban soldier had looked at her and stated, "You know that you Shia people are ‘infidels’," declaring that Shia marriages are void and illegal, and that children from these unions are illegitimate. Furthermore, a Taliban judge, responsible for signing marriage certificates, claimed that there were legitimate reasons to kill Shias because they are not Muslims.

Furthermore, the Taliban recently imposed a ban on marriages between Shias and Sunnis, jeopardizing the lives of hundreds of families who have formed marital unions across these sectarian lines. Nevertheless, Taliban also recently banned the marriage of Shias and Sunnies together it endangers the lives of hundred families who got married together and made families. 

Aliya Azizi was victim of force marriage with one of Taliban’s Leader

Another example of the Taliban's discriminatory policies is the systematic rape of girls from the Shia and Hazara minority groups in Afghanistan. Eyewitness reports indicate that the Taliban have arrested over 800 women from Faryab, Jawzjan, Samangan, Takhar, Parwan, Kapisa, and Kabul provinces. These women are part of religious and Dari-speaking minority groups in Afghanistan.




The Security Commander of Taliban in Takhar Province, this man is one of the rapists among Taliban’s Leader

These women have reportedly been subjected to gang rape by Taliban soldiers while in captivity. Tragically, some of these women became severely ill after enduring these horrific assaults and were subsequently killed by Taliban soldiers. Additionally, there are reports of Taliban forces invading homes in the northern provinces of Afghanistan, where they have raped women and girls in front of their families before proceeding to kill them.



 The Victim of Rape by Taliban in Takhar Province


On the other hand, the Taliban have been systematically abusing children, with reports of children falling victim to sexual violence and rape at the hands of Taliban soldiers. Unfortunately, due to the rooted hostility of the Taliban towards the Shia religious minority groups, Shia children are often the first victims of these heinous acts.

Moreover, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Iran recently announced that "the Taliban are the enemies of ISIS and are fighting against ISIS." This political statement could potentially serve as a means to gradually whitewash the actions of the Taliban. However, factual evidence demonstrates that the Taliban have been implementing anti-Shia policies similar to those carried out by ISIS in Syria. 

 Taliban dehumanize and humiliate Hazaras / Photo Credit: Koorosh Aria Nejhad

The dire security situation facing the Hazaras and Shia minority groups in Afghanistan serves as a warning sign for the potential of genocide. Urgent and concerted action from the United Nations is imperative to support and protect these vulnerable communities in Afghanistan. Measures must be taken to prevent the escalation of violence and ensure the safety and well-being of the Hazaras and Shias in the region.


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