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Genocide and Humanitarian Crisis in Sudan

Women from the city of Al-Junina in West Darfur cry after receiving news about the deaths of their relatives as they waited for them in Chad on November 7, 2023 [El Tayeb Siddig/Reuters]

The report attached below is an abridged compilation of reports by the UN Panel of Experts on Sudan, Human

Rights Watch, Amnesty International, UN Human Rights Council, UNHCR, and UN, AU, IGAD, WFP,

MSF, and other Press Releases.

The compilation is organised into five topics:

1. Genocide in Sudan [Pages 1 - 95]

2. Aid blocked and looted [Pages 96 – 101]

3. Sexual violence [Pages 102 – 107]

4. Foreign interference with peace [Pages 107 – 113]

5. Other relevant developments [Pages 113 - 118]

A one-page executive summary of each topic is being prepared by Genocide Watch.

All information in this report is directly quoted from source documents.

Genocide Watch Sudan report compilation
Download PDF • 17.25MB

Genocide Watch Sudan report compilation
Download DOCX • 12.70MB


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