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UK Independent Uyghur Tribunal hearings to be held June 4-7

The independent Uyghur Tribunal is hosting public hearings on June 4-7 and September 10-13 at Church House in London and live-streaming online. Below is a PDF brochure about the Tribunal and the hearings. In-person tickets can be booked here: Uyghur Tribunal: First Hearings on Eventbrite.

The research section and associated investigators of the Uyghur Tribunal have been collecting, collating, and assessing evidence from many sources over the past months. The Tribunal will consider both inculpatory and exculpatory material on an independent and impartial basis.

Counsel and advisers to the Tribunal have selected a balanced and representative sample of all evidence provided for presentation to the Panel and the public. This evidence consists of Fact Witnesses and Expert Witnesses.

Fact Witnesses are individuals who, being present, have personally seen or perceived a situation; a beholder, spectator, or eyewitness. Fact Witnesses testify to what they have seen, heard, or otherwise observed and describe only facts (as opposed to expressing opinions).

Expert Witnesses are individuals who, by reason of education or specialized experience, possess specific knowledge of a particular subject. Expert Witnesses will assist the panel in understanding complicated and technical subjects and may express opinions based on their specialized knowledge

Hearings Brochure - Uyghur Tribunal
Download PDF • 1.24MB

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