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Young man stabbed with knife in Kosovo

Originally published by N1 on February 2, 2023.

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic told the Parliament on Friday that twenty-year-old Boban Djuzic was stabbed with a knife in the shoulder in the village of Mogila near Vitina in Kosovo. He showed photos of what he said was a young man attacked by two Albanians, adding he fears that European officials will “call on the two sides to exercise restraint” even after this incident.

The Serbian Government’s Office for Kosovo said Boban Djuzic was attacked in the village of Mogila by a group of local Albanians while walking his dog.

Djuzic was stabbed twice in the shoulder, he was given first aid at the Vrbovac clinic and then transported to the hospital in Pasjan near Gnjilane for further medical care, said the Office.

It stressed that this attack is a result of the “anti-Serb policy and tensions” that it accused Kosovo Prime Minister Albin Kurti of provoking on a daily basis and added that it expects international representatives to react.

The Belgrade-backed Serb List said the responsibility for attacks on the Serbs lies with Prime Minister Kurti, his followers and the international community that “tacitly looks the other way” when ethnically-motivated attacks happen.

"The consequence of the anti-Serb hysteria of Albin Kurti’s dictatorial regime every day produces an attack on Serbian children, Serbian youths, property or the Serbian Orthodox Church,“ said the Serb List.

Boban Djuzic said that three Albanians attacked him from behind, for no reason, and that he knows them because they live in the same village as he does.

“Today I was attacked by Albanians for no reason. Three of them attacked me, from behind. I know the attackers, they are from my village – one is 12, the second is 17 and the third is 46,” said Djuzic.

He explained that he called the police, who came, but that there were no witnesses who could testify to the stabbing.

A doctor at the Pasjan hospital, Dejan Jocic, said Djuzic has two stab wounds, that he is stable but that he will be monitored and would probably stay in the hospital for a few days.

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