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Country Overview

Targeted Groups
Alert Status
Genocide Stage(s)
  • Jummas (Ethnic and indigenous peoples of the Chittagong Hill tracts)

  • Dalits

  • Journalists and activists

  • Bangladesh government

Stage 3: Discrimination, Stage 5: Organization, Stage 8: Persecution, Stage 10: Denial


Bangladesh experienced genocide in 1971. While the Bangladesh International Crimes Tribunal continue to issue judgements the genocide still lacks recognition worldwide. Today, Bangladesh faces issues of government restrictions freedom of expression online, targeting critical voices. There also have been reports of torture, ill-treatment and enforced disappearances by law enforcement officials. Dalits face discrimination, vulnerability, and stigmatization. Further, the Bangladesh government continues the persecution of ethnic and indigenous groups in the Chittagong Hills Tract.

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Bangladesh indigenous ban 'worse than aparthied' - Al Jazeera

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The 'forgotten' 1971 genocide in Bangladesh

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International Dalit Solidarity Network - Bangladesh

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