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Country Overview

Targeted Groups
Alert Status
Genocide Stage(s)
  • Rohingya

  • Kachin

  • Karen

  • Shan

  • Democrats

  • Burmese government

  • Tatmadaw

Stage 3: Discrimination, Stage 8: Persecution, and Stage 9: Extermination


Myanmar (Burma) has persecuted its Rohingya population since independence from Britain in 1948. This persecution culminated in genocide when the Burmese Army (the Tatmadaw) attacked and burned hundreds of Rohingya villages in Rakhine province, murdered thousands of Rohingya, and forced over a million Rohingya to flee their homes and seek refuge in Bangladesh. On February 1, 2021, the Tatmadaw seized control of the government, claiming without evidence that widespread fraud occurred in the November 2020 election. The Tatmadaw responded to the resulting peaceful protests with violence, killing more than 800 civilians and detaining more than 4,000 since the coup.

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Myanmar’s Rohingya Genocide

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‘Kill All You See’: In a First, Myanmar Soldiers Tell of Rohingya Slaughter

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Myanmar Coup: What is Happening and Why?

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