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13 Rohingya massacred by Myanmar junta near Yangon

Rohingya rally against Myanmar genocide. Credit: Reuters/Darren Whiteside

This morning, the villagers of Barlar village in Yangon Region’s Hlegu Township found 13 Rohingya dead bodies on the roadside of Tabinshwehti Road. The concerned authorities took them to the Yangon General Hospital for postmortem. Myanmar junta’s propaganda media report that they died of a lack of oxygen while the smugglers transported them on a truck or car. However, the reality is – that my friends in Yangon went to the Yangon General Hospital to see the dead bodies. They found injury scars on the foreheads, faces, lips, and other parts of the bodies. On November 28th, the junta arrested 68 Rohingya – 54 men & 14 women. (see my Tweet) I think these 13 victims are from that group. The 13 victims are primarily under 18 years of age. But a source close to the junta said the military and their proxy Pyu Saw Htee arrested a group of Rohingya on December 3rd, killed them on the night of December 4th, and dumped them at the place where the people found the dead bodies. Nay San Lwin

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