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Slovenia: Violence surrounds the Ljubljana Pride

Amnesty International condemns the recent attack on the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people which took place on the night of 25 June 2009 in Ljubljana, capital city of Slovenia. The organization calls on the Slovenian authorities to conduct prompt, independent, impartial and thorough investigation of the incident and to bring those responsible to justice.

Amnesty International also urges the authorities to publically condemn the attack and to express their support for the participants and organizers of the Ljubljana Pride which is planned for Saturday, 27 of June 2009.

On the night of 25 June 2009, as part of a week of cultural events preceding the Ljubljana Pride a literary evening was organized in the Cafe Open in Ljubljana. At around 9 pm between seven and eight unidentified masked men carrying stones and torches gathered in front of the Cafe. They started shouting homophobic statements calling for the death of LGBT people. Shortly after, they started throwing stones and torches at the Cafe which resulted in material damage to the Cafe.

Five of the men approached Mitja Blažic, well known Slovenian LGBT activist and journalist, who was standing in front of the Cafe building and started assaulting him. He was severely beaten up. The perpetrators hit him with torches and threw stones at him which resulted in a head injury, burns on his neck and damaged finger.

Following the attack Mitja Blažic was taken to hospital where his head was stitched and other injuries fixed.

Amnesty International calls on the authorities to ensure the right of everyone to effectively exercise their right to freedom of peaceful assembly without discrimination.

The organization urges the authorities to provide effective and adequate protection to LGBT people during and after the Ljubljana Pride.


© 2009 Amnesty International USA

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