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Aung San Suu Kyi in Defiance of World Opinion On the (Rohingya): "externally fabricated problem

The Singapore based Burmese held a massive town-hall meeting with AungSanSuuKyi this evening in Singapore. She discussed her 21st Century Panglong, telling the audience that the problem for lack of peace is mis-understanding among top leaders. The ethnic armed organizations who have not signed peace "lack courage and wisdom to make peace'. Overall, the thrust and tone of her entire speech is essentially economic/developmental nationalism: making Burma great, again! To wild and thunderous cheers, she promised to make Burma an envy of Asia, overtaking Singapore economically in the next 20 years. Now on to the subject that concerns me: the Rohingya. My heart sank even deeper listening to the Q and A (she read out questions submitted in writing) and here is the accurate transcription (my English translation, which I stand by 100 against the recorded Burmese language exchange. I think that actual Burmese exchanges will be on YouTube if people are interested in verifying my transcript below against the Burmese language exchange). asked directly re: fabricated issue (of #Rohingya): Q: We as Burmese are worried about the externally fabricated issue (implying in no uncertain terms Rohingya). How prepared is your leadership to deal with this fabricated campaign? We Burmese are fully behind you as our leader. ASSK: Well, the fact that you know this problem to be externally fabricated is already a very good national defence. They (fabricators of Rohingya crisis) are playing their tune to our ears. Too noisy now! (Laughing out loud). Well, we must have our own tune to play the world back. Q: I worry about the security of our borders. What is your government doing to make our borders secure and safe. A: In some places we have border walls. The walls we have built along the borders may not be tall or high enough. If we build stronger and taller walls it will cost the gov. a lot of $. But to protect our people we are prepared to spend as much as is necessary. 50% of the safety measures are like building walls. (the other 50 is non-material like citizens themselves not involved in cross-border illegal smuggling).

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