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Myanmar's Nazi Parallel: Merging of Power Institutions (Faith/Race, Guns & Populist Party)

Around the issue of Rohingya, the merging of the anti-Rohingya racist society (all classes), the ruling military, the semi-autonomous NLD leadership, and most influential leaders of the Buddhist Order parallels the rise of Nazism in Germany and the stacking of the building blocks of German Society.

The consequences will go beyond the destruction of the Rohingya people as a self-identified group.

In the early years of the rise of Nazism post-WWI, the German Army was funding thuggish Nazi networks out of the army's secret funds.

Those who don't fully comprehend and appreciate the gravest danger of their various roles in the formation of this new Nazi-like force as cheer-leaders, participants, collaborators, demagogues, legitimizers, whitewashers, functionaries, advisers, etc. will live to regret their contributions to the conceivable demise of a Burmese society as we know it.

Against this backdrop the talk of 'democratization' 'economic development' 'civil society initiatives', etc. ring hollow, to me.

Lest we forget Adolf Hitler too talked about economic recovery, making the country great again, purifying the Master Race (in Burma, that is "Myanmar Buddhists", faith-defined identity), national unity, integration (at gunpoint), etc.

Remember Suu Kyi's delusional narrative of Myanmar overtaking Singapore in 20 years?

Hitler also talked about 'no personal gains' for himself, but for the common good of the entire German people.

This is the shared discourse among the country's powerful military, religious and political organisations.

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