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'Daesh Raped Iraqi Christian Woman for Two Days' Until She Was Rescued

Sputnik Arabic obtained documents confirming the atrocities committed by Daesh against Iraqi Christians.

The documents mention a female under the pseudonym “T,” who was forced to endure inhuman suffering, until she was bought and rescued.

She was captured in al-Hamdaniya district on August 7, 2014, where for more than a thousand years, Christians had been living. “T” was raped, forced to abandon her faith and wear a hijab.

The 29-year-old woman, together with her child, was taken to Mosul where she was resold three times and ultimately ending up in Raqqa, Syria. After she was bought she was raped by multiple men for two days in front of her child.

After her terrible ordeal “T” is now free. There was a man who paid the money for her ransom and now she hopes that someday she will be able to return that money to her savior.

This is just one story from a document archive uncovered after the town’s liberation. The archive contains information on 100 Christians who were killed or captured by the terrorists in Iraq or Syria. The fate of many residents still remains unknown.

More than 55 thousand people hailing from all faiths were living in the Hamdaniya District, located 32 kilometers south-east of Mosul before the terrorists took over the city.

The brutal captors took women as slaves and young men were told to change their faith and join the ranks of the terrorists. If they refused to do so, they were forced convert or die.

The terrorists also robbed residents of their possessions and took their gold, jewelry and money.

According to one resident, “On August 6, 2014, Daesh militants entered the district of Hamdaniya. I together with my wife and kids decided to stay in the field. But the terrorists found us and started shooting over our heads. They ordered us to go to the mosque.”

He said that afterwards they were led to a Sharia court where they were beaten and forced to convert to Islam.

“Daesh took everything we had: the gold jewelry of my wife totaling 13 million dinars, that is about 12 thousand dollars, they also took our sheep, the price of which exceeded 50 million dinars. It was yet another attempt to make sure that we did not run away,” the resident told Sputnik Arabic.

He further said that the terrorists wanted him to join Daesh. However, he refused to do so and together with his family he went to Mosul. From there on to Hawija which is still occupied by the terrorists. Then by some miracle they managed to get to Kirkuk.

Nine elderly people aged 66 to 90 refused to leave their homeland in which they were born and raised. The terrorists left them to die of hunger and terror in their own homes. Those who converted to Islam received some medication.

Three of the dead men were buried in the yard of their homes, whereas, the bodies of other people were sent to the local cemetery. No one knows exactly where their graves are.

Since the beginning of the operation for the liberation of Mosul in October 2016, Iraqi forces which include the Nineveh defenders, have liberated the town of Hamdani and released four women and two men from Daesh prisons.

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