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Dozens of Mass Graves Found

A total of 32 mass graves have so far been discovered after the liberation of Sinjar and other Kurdish areas in the Nineveh Plain from the Islamic State (IS), a Kurdish official revealed.

“More than 1,200 complaints have been filed against the IS militants and the destruction of 28 religious sites were documented,” said Aiman Mustafa, head of Kurdistan Region’s Board for Genocide Documentation.

He further explained to BasNews that the documents collected by his team can prove that the IS massacre of Kurdish Yezidis could mount to genocide. “The documentation process will not stop and legal procedures will be soon taken,” Mustafa added.

The Kurdish official however stressed that the majority of collected documents are related to the genocide of Yezidis, but at least 20% of them show the jihadists’ campaign against other Kurdish religious minorities, including Christians, Shabaks and Kakayis.

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