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A Rohingya boy assaulted, huge money extorted from his parents in Southern Maungdaw

A Rohingya boy was mercilessly assaulted by a group of Rakhine extremists while he was going to plow his paddy lands nearby Rakhine residence from Indin Nayapara village of Southern Maungdaw on August 7, 2017.

The boy was going with his plowing instruments at dawn to prepare his lands for cultivating paddy where he was caught and severely beaten up by Rakhine extremists and at one stage he was handed over to the BGP, according to our correspondent report.

BGP also tortured him claiming that he had link with insurgent group in the area.

The victim was later set free after forcing Kyat 1 million from his family which was managed by pawning various house hold articles and gold ornaments to his neighbors.

The Rohingya farmers are unable to cultivate paddy in their belonging farmlands this year due to various restrictions and obstacles of BGP and Rakhine extremists, said a farmer.


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