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Zay Di Pyin village under control of government force backed Rakhine extremists

Myanmar government forces as well as Rakhine extremists of the area has seriously targeted the innocent Rohingya residents and surrounding the Zay Di Pyin Rohingya village of Northern Rathedaung, Arakan State since 8 August 2017.

Tense situation has been prevailing in Zay Di Pyin and the Rohingya residents are unable to move for their survival since the armed forces of Myanmar and the Rakhine extremists have been besieging the village tightly, according to our correspondent report.

The Rakhine extremists backed by Myanmar security forces are equipped with swords, machetes, lances, knives and spears around the Rohingya village, Zay Di Pyin where they have targeted the Rohingya to kill at a time.

They are looting away the cattle and valuable belongings of Rohingya such as engine boats and destroying houses of Rohingya in cooperation of police forces where most of the members in police department are Rakhine.

Moreover, the BGP along with Rakhine extremists entered Rohingya village, Auk Nan Yar (Razarbil) and arbitrarily arrested Abdu Sukkur (43) son of Motiur Rahman as a leader of Rohingya community including six other Rohingya men with him.

Hearing the arrest of Sukkur and six others, the Rohingya villagers rushed to the spot and tried to protest the arbitrary arrest of innocent men where the police responded with gun fire toward the crowd. Five Rohingya received critical bullet injuries following gun shots and more other Rohingya were arrested again.

The injured victims were identified as Mv Abdu Sukkur (40) son of Motiur Rahman, Mohamed Younus (24) son of Nur Alam, Basir Ahamed (20) son of Moahmed Hasan, Sayed ullah (14) son of Karim Ullah and Abdu Subahan (17) son of Sayed Ullah.

The arrestees were known as Rahmat Ullah (30) son of Amir Hamza, Amir Hussain (41) son of Rahmat Ullah, Naser Ullah (20) son of Noor Mohamed and Khair Hussain and Khari Rahman of Auk Nan Yar.

Now the Rohingya residents are in terror and facing acute food crisis since the police imposed movement restriction on them and the Rakhine are also surrounding the village with sharp weapons to kill the Rohingya if get out of their village.

The Rakhine extremists might swoop on them with the help of police and conduct genocide as 2012 genocidal acts, says a Rohingya from the village.


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