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Rakhines accuse UNHCR of supporting terrorism while thousands of them under its protection

On August 13, hundreds of extremist Rakhines and monks protested across Arakan against aid agencies such as UNHCR and others accusing them of supporting terrorism, while thousands of Rakhine refugees and asylum seekers are known to be under UNHCR protection in Thailand, Malaysia or elsewhere.

By the way, are those Rakhine refugees and asylum seekers terrorists too who were obliged to flee for their criminal activities or they are escapee from the fear of military persecutions?

How did the armed authorities and so-called nationalist Rakhines design the game to defame Rohingya and make them more helpless?

After a severe curfew has been imposed in the region since October 2016, movement is restricted, security is tightened and properties are destroyed or looted, Rohingyas are not free to do their agricultural or other rural survival activities. The neighboring Rakhine villages have boycotted Rohingyas. In many areas, their daily survival depends on the aids of those foreign NGOs.

If these aids are cut off, there will be two options before these people – either to leave the country or to leave the word.

On 20 May, some makeshifts of woodcutters and sawyers were found in the Mayu Mountain near Tinn May village who were, as usual, accused of terrorism and having terrorist trainings. Moreover, accompanied by those poor workers, some foods or others materials such as tarpaulins, polythenes, etc. were found which are allegedly distributed by NGOs. Firstly, the people were some daily workers. Secondly, if the United Nations support terrorism, are the only innocent the ANP leaders and military generals?

The government and the ANP extremists thought that it would serve as the best pretext to get rid of those NGOs, the only foreigners available in the Restricted Zone, so that it can be more secure ‘silent killing field’.

Few days later, we have come to see a protest instigated and funded by the military-backed USDP, their ally ANP and their puppet monks against those NGOs.


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